Guess Where All The Presents Went~ - by ElMexicanoPyro by Charem

Guess Where All The Presents Went~ - by ElMexicanoPyro


10 August 2017 at 13:25:24 MDT

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When it comes to throwing a birthday party for me, you don't have to worry about guests lingering around afterward, or scattered trash around the party house, or leftover food. I happen to be very good at ahem cleaning up and clearing out the house after such an event... ;3

Yep yep! Guests, food and trash all end up neatly tidied away into my gut~ You don't even have to buy me presents; all those different belly-stuffers are presents to me anyways! ...Though if you DO buy me presents, I'll be happy to unwrap them excitedly, look them over in glee, and shove them down my throat as well. <3 I certainly cherish all my gifts, up to and including when they end up as fat on my belly and butt~ (Because more fat is ALWAYS worth cherishing, duh!)

This was a gift done by ElMexicanoPyro for my birthday back on July 19th! ^^ What cuteness, seriously! Such engorged~ Thanks Pyro!

I'm a little late in posting these b-day pics (as well as other pics) because gosh, just been doing a lot. I'll try to get more things out as I can; when I start work it'll be harder to post things. (I might have to cut down my description stories' length, oh no!)

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    Who needs a janitor when you have a gluttonous purple fox?

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      Exactly! Granted you might still need a mop for all the leftover slobbering...

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    lmao!!! oh, Charem...