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[FBW] Obey the Bed-Bound Boss-Bun~ (Dox-Bun Version) by Charem (critique requested)

[FBW] Obey the Bed-Bound Boss-Bun~ (Dox-Bun Version) (critique requested)


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(I love reading and replying to 'em, it just makes my day!)

Oh my, how lucky you are! You ended up getting visited by a bunny, right in the middle of Fat Bunny Week! It's quite a special thing to have a rabbit around during such an important week. After all, the poor little fella was really only 'pudgy' at best, and that's just not good enough during a week celebrating rotund buns~

You certainly weren't irritated as the rabbit barged right into your home, yes? You consented as he flopped onto the most-comfortable spot on your cushiony bed and kicked his big bunny feet right up. And naturally, you were elated as the bunny expressed his desire for ALL the food in your kitchen...and how he was expecting you to cook it all up and serve him a bedside-buffet~ It's a privilege to care for a rabbit during Fat Bunny Week, and this rabbit really wanted a LOT of care! Gosh, you lucky person, getting all this privilege!

Of course it wasn't rude or anything of the bunny. Bunnies absolutely need to be fattened during Fat Bunny Week, that's just how it works. But if he went about trying to achieve that alone, he'd be burning those precious calories while scrounging for them. I mean, look how small he is, he's just a bunny! That's why rabbits need all the help they can get during the special week. Your rabbit-guest was being quite smart, enlisting your help; you have so much food, and so little willpower to resist a bun's cuteness. Plus, you DO have such a nice bed...and if he moves only the fewest muscles to eat, that means the fewest calories burnt while gorging away~

The rabbit helped you not waste your time too. During lulls in your cooking, when you simply had to wait on things to bake or boil or fry or saute, the rabbit would still keep your hands busy with some good 'ol massages. You did a great job kneading over his many rolls of fat, squishing into that doughy gut, and rubbing along his plump powerful feet~ Not only did you make the boss-bunny feel SO good doing that, but you certainly helped his digestion speed along that much faster with all those motivational rubs!

A little bunny like him wouldn't remain little for long under your watch, huh? As the week went on and on, you had to run out and restock your kitchen daily - finding time to rush out and get groceries around all the non-stop cooking. What a bottomless bun-gut! The rabbit had a duty to fulfill after all, so he courageously ate and ate and ate EVERYTHING you served him, bravely tossing away his herbivorous nature to consume ALL the calories he could! (...Or, was he an omnivore already?...)

He was a courteous rabbit of course, allowing you to still sleep on your own bed each night on what space he wasn't taking up. You needed your rest after an exhausting day of cooking; otherwise, how would you have the energy to cook and massage non-stop the NEXT day?~
Though sleeping next to the bun grew harder as the week progressed; he'd taken only a fraction of your bed's space at first, but by the end of the week the bun's soft, flabby, fuzzy body had bloated across the entire mattress...! Endlessly gracious, the bunny quite kindly allowed you to rest on his tremendous belly from thereon, which you sank softly into like a beanbag chair... Well, if beanbag chairs also sloshed and gurgled with an endless hunger anyways.

Yes...QUITE endless...

You'd been so hadn't noticed it had become Sunday. Fat Bunny Week was over! Yet the rabbit still was demanding food, and working out meal plans for the next day, and the next, and the next... You felt inclined to ask the bun about it that evening, when you'd again bedded down atop the bunny-belly. Wasn't he satisfied at this point? He was so massive, and the week had ended...wasn't it time to go back to normal bunny routines?

The big bun let out a cute chuckle at your questions. "Why," said the bun. "This IS my normal bunny routine~ Fat Bunny Week comes every year; don't you think it would be good to prepare for NEXT year too? Wouldn't you like to have the FATTEST bun under your care next year?"

The bunny spoke suavely and commandingly. What sound logic! You couldn't argue with that. Even if it meant 358 more days of busy preparation for the next Fat Bunny Week...well, busy for you, at least. Cooking, feeding, pampering, and quite inevitably breaking down your bedroom walls to let the bunny grow out all the more comfortably. ...But the rabbit would still have a lot to do to meet this goal too; all that eating, gosh!

Your life, taken up entirely by a lazy, greedy, growing bunny's whims...what a great time, huh? <3

...Hm! But even though you ARE an absolute dear and will feed him everything you will run out of money for food, huh? Not having time to go earn more when you're just cooking and's just inevitable, a matter of time. Relax, do not worry. The bunny will not hate you if that happens; your efforts will be entirely appreciated, and he will simply go find another lucky soul to continue his feedings with~

...But, after spending your whole focus feeding him for weeks upon months, it WOULD become your life's goal, as it should. So your life would just not be complete without the bunny if he had to go to another caretaker! How'd feel so lost...!

Hey, hey. Relax~ Your gluttonous rabbit-friend has thought of that. If you can no longer provide, he will still demand one last meal from you; truly, the last meal you could ever provide. You've seen all that can be stuffed down those plump bunny jaws...and you'll be expected to stuff yourself down them too~ You knew that would be coming, didn't you?...and you'd not want it any other way. The bunny is just thinking of you, after all; knowing your life is taken up by the bun's wonderful presence and needs, he will kindly take your life up into himself at the end of your time together~ The last calories you'll contribute to him will be your OWN, as you gurgle away in that adorable bun-tum.

Isn't that lovely?~ You wouldn't be heartbroken or lost ever again; you'd be only in the best place, constantly with that big bun, jiggling him all the better with the rolls of fat you've become~ <3 What a wonderful bunny you've gotten to serve; really, the wonderfullest!

Awww yeah I'm so happy with this~! <3 I decided to work on a Fat Bunny Week picture near the start of the week in question, and while I am a day late in completing this...that's only a day late! That's way better than I usually do for holiday pics. ^_^

I really nailed this one. I originally had a few posed bunny photos to use as reference (because I'm still shaky with anatomy), but I ended up going totally off-model and making it work at the same time. Pretty dang happy with the result here~ Lazy, adorable, a little bit sexy...this was a good pose~

I also did a lot of work on the paws in this; I've never detailed feet or hands with creases and wrinkles before, but I've seen a few people do it really well. Since bunnies are in possession of some REALLY big stompers, I thought it would be fun to put a bit more focus in making some alluring paws for this pic. Did I succeed? Lemme know how cute those feet are. <3

Oh yeah! I polled my Twitter about whether I should draw myself as a bunny for FBW, or draw a normal bunny; because I sometimes feel a bit egotistical putting myself into All the Roles. People voted 2/3rds for Bun-Dox and 1/3rd for normal bun, so I decided to do both. Heck, took a little longer but, best of both worlds this way! <3 Which one is your favorite?

And no, I don't apologize for the vorish conclusion to my story~ Don't blame me; ever since I first started showing people wips of my project, people were wondering if the bunny would eat them as well as everything else~ Voracious bunnies are very much desired, it I had to play along to that. <3 (Heck, pred-bunnies are adorable c'mon~)

I'm altogether too stoked over how this came out. ^_^ It makes me feel like I'm actually kind of a good artist, haha. But you guys be the judge! I flagged this for critique, so if you feel like judging my work, be my guest! Would love to hear about what works and what doesn't.