Belly Homecomings - by DracioN by Charem

Belly Homecomings - by DracioN


29 April 2017 at 12:01:56 MDT

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It's never easy working a job and holding down your own apartment, especially when you're a 2 foot tall Charmander. Still, Eragon managed fine enough - fire types do have a lot of energy, and he was always spry and productive at work. He had plenty of incentive; he always looked forward to coming home...

He owned a pet, you see. A big 'ol dog! Now, lots of people own big 'ol dogs, but it was much more unusual for a small lizard to own such a creature. The dog was notably bigger than he was, but he treated the canine quite well, and the canine was quite friendly back... ...Well, in the dog's own ways at least.

See, not only was it unusual that Eragon owned a dog bigger than him, but also that said dog was a fellow Pokemon, and a crafty one at that. Shadoxes were very tricky dogs even for normal, human-sized creatures to own; it was even dangerous, if one wasn't careful. While canines were typically quite amiable, Shadoxes were also ghost-types - and thus, known for playing tricks and getting their ways!

Eragon perhaps wasn't the BEST Shadox owner. Keeping his dog in line and obedient...well, he did well-enough at this. It wasn't like his dog was running off and eating the neighbors' pets...or the neighbors. Granted...this was likely because the reptile himself sated the 'Dox all too often!

The Charmander, admittedly, found that part of the charm of coming home after work. Having your pet dog greet you at the door in a fit of excitement that you're BACK AT LAST, pouncing and licking and getting and giving all sorts of attention! Shadoxes were no different than most dogs in this greed for their owners, and it certainly made Eragon feel wanted. Deeply, gutturally wanted...!

Dogs can still be 'moody' sometimes. Shadoxes too. Eragon knew that if he was the least bit late coming home from work, he'd upset his pup a bit for being gone for 'ages longer' least in dog-time. But his moody ghost-dog could always be sated with a little possessiveness and dominance...and, well! It's not like the little Charmander could really argue with his pet's wants when he was pinned under those big, purple paws...and then slurped into that wet, humid snout!

It never took long for the Shadox to swallow his Master. A dog does copiously drool, and drool quickly slickens a scaly hide~ In no time at all he'd pack away Eragon into his gut, regardless of if his owner wriggled in surprise, squirmed in protest, or simply eased down with a relaxed sigh... The canine cared too much about putting the Char as SUPER-close to him as he could...and with the scaly in his belly, there was no closer a bond for the two to share~

He wasn't really THAT bad a dog, for a Shadox anyways. He never digested his owner...and Shadoxes WOULD digest bad or incompetent owners. Eragon may not be the best owner in the world, but he'd earned a ghost-dog's heart...and that meant all the world to the canine. <3

Nom nom nom~ <3 My dear boyfriend/Master eragoneater is just too sweet...both in taste and behavior~

He commissioned this comic of me and him from DracioN~ ^_^ Dracul did an epic job as can be seen; we're both depicted in such a colorful and vibrant way! Drac's always epic with internal shots as well; he has a true monopoly on the best shots of a Shadox's insides ever so far. So plush~! I also rather like the conniving edge that I'm portrayed with in some panels; this really shows off that 'ghost' part of me, which can understandably be a little creepy! It's such a great blend along with my canine, pettish cuteness~

I had little to do with the creation of this; it was all Eragon's idea and Dracul's talent of putting it together. <3 I prefer it this way; it's really cute to see what my 'Mander thinks of me and how he enjoys us interacting. I hope to give him this sort of treatment when we actually live together too; romping and pouncing him when he comes home from work is precisely what I intend to do~

...And while it might be impossible to ACTUALLY eat him irl, I'll certainly make a show of it and slurp and nibble him all over, devour his whole hand, etc. ;3 Do not doubt how voracious I can be in person, hee hee hee~


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    I'll be honest, this is my ideal relationship goal

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      A predator right when you get home to cuddle with from within after a long day

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        Awww. <3 It is my ideal relationship goal too~ And clearly Eragon's, since he's commissioned this sort of scenario twice with me and him.

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          Coming home to this is a dream come true