A Normal Shadox Sleeptime - by Winged-Kuriboh by Charem

A Normal Shadox Sleeptime - by Winged-Kuriboh


15 April 2017 at 18:29:37 MDT

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This is a sequel to https://www.furaffinity.net/view/22900075/ !

Workdays can feel pretty long sometimes. But that's the price you pay, being a responsible adult anthro~ Riding the bus, going to work, working hard, riding home, getting a shower in...it sounds so simple when you lay it out like that, but it can be quite a day! Especially for a Shadox... We need to keep our energy up, after all...so we can eat a lot! Breakfast in the morning, a before-work snack 'obtained' at the bus-stop, full meals during each work-break and work-lunch, tasty rude customers throughout the workday, a post-work feast at home, some before-bed eating, and of course a mid-sleep, midnight snack... That's my standard regimen of eatin' at least~

Of course, for every ounce of energy that eating gives me, it also gives me a good 50 pounds of flab~ So by the time I go to sleep...

Well, I should probably get a bigger bed, really. It's a durable fella, that much I've confirmed! Regardless of all the creaking, it holds up just fine, even as my belly spills far out over every side of it. I suppose it helps that some of the weight is being distributed to the floor, which has to carry my heaving, sleeping flab as well... It's hard to notice I even HAVE a bed when I'm flopped on it, unless you notice the bedposts sticking up (as if crying for help, some might say!).

The problem with getting a bigger bed is, of course...is there one actually big enough for me? I think my mass is gonna flop past even the mightiest of frames... Perhaps I'll just cover my bedroom carpet with thick blankets and nix the bed entirely! It's a bit 'feral' of me to sleep on the floor, but hey; I never have to worry about lacking cushion~

  winged-kuriboh/Flare is a pretty awesome Shadox. He's always so chill about drawin' up random ideas I might have. ^^ Such as this one~

I really loved the fattening workday comic I got from Tanukeki a bit ago! The fattening growth was just so hot that I felt greedy for even MORE. 'Why don't we see what I look like at bed-time after such a day?' I thought. And Flare was willing to depict it~

Honestly, this might be one of Flare's best pictures. The localized shading really brings out my butt (not that it was struggling to be visible before, but MORE is always better 83), and the overhead angle really shows off all that oozing blubber distinctly! What ADORABLE morbid obesity~ <3

As to how I'll get into work the following day, given this form? Perhaps some useful Shadox ghost-magic, doing effectively some mystical liposuction? Put some of the weight in a hammerspace dimension to make me mobile enough to operate again (and eat and fatten all over again of course~), and then re-add the old weight back onto me later~? <3 Gosh, that would make me EVEN BIGGER at the end of it all...heeee~