There's Stuffed Animals and Stuffed ANOMals! - by Inktail by Charem

There's Stuffed Animals and Stuffed ANOMals! - by Inktail


15 April 2017 at 18:27:05 MDT

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The best plushies come with storage space. A nice durable zipper on the back and a nice silk-fabric inside turns a cuddleable doll into something cuddleable AND useful!

Of course, a living plush might just take full advantage of such a feature. When one owns one plushie, one tends to own many plushies...and being all soft and squishable, it's QUITE possible to fit each and every one into such a hungry zipper-port! Therein lies the difference between a stuffed animal and a stuffed anomal; the former is simply tasty cottony delightfulness for the latter!

All plushies wanna do is be soft and cuddly after all. I'm no exception~ Eating up all the other soft creatures around me makes me super-soft, bulging out my fabric and giving me a massive pillow of a gut~! Given the make-shift patchwork-fabric I got on me here and there, I've probably burst my seams more than once in my gluttony, but a quite repair and I'm of course back into eating things~ <3

It does seem my voracity has picked up a slightly more living snack this time though! Silly Eragon; it might be fun to lie in a bed of plushies, but when you're the same size as them you might get mistaken for one, and picked up with the piles of plush I like to stuff in my back~! The firelizard doesn't seem to terribly mind, though, does he?... <:3

Well, if he's THAT content, I suppose I'll close my zipper right up tight, and floof-slosh my meals about~ Nice to have a wriggly one for once~!

This was a cute traditional commission done by   Inktail! Ink replied to one of my 'seeking artists' journal about something else, but I'd already found somebody for it. However, he was rather eager to get a commission from me, so seeing that he was good at plushies I bounced this idea off of him. ^^

I think he did a fantastic job! My plushie-dox form has been drawn once before, but this is a lot more detailed than the last time. It's definitely a perfect form for me when I feel like being a little more cotton-y. (Given how fluffy us Shadoxes are in general, a cotton-y form only fits!)

Love how my interior looks here too; so comfy! I might just be able to slosh things into more cotton for myself though, so gotta be careful in there. ;3 Would Eragon mind? Probably not~ Speaking of, that Charmander is just too adorable in there~ <3