Not the First to Grow? Then Down You Go~ by Charem

Not the First to Grow? Then Down You Go~


15 April 2017 at 18:26:10 MDT

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Being the runt of the litter sure can suck sometimes. Getting picked on by your brothers and sisters, ending up last in enjoying things they get to first, and sometimes being utterly forgotten-about even by your parents! In the Pokeverse though, where 'growing up' can take but a single momentous minute of evolution, there's always ways around the problem. For the traditionally-evolving Pokemon, it still takes a lot of hard work and training to 'outrun' your bigger siblings, but a bit of cleverness can help Pokemon that evolve through other means...

Take this previously-puny Eevee, for instance. She had the luck of stumbling upon a Fire Stone when off by herself to escape the bullying of her Vee-brothers and Vee-sisters... Obviously she wasted no time in using the shiny jewel, shifting and growing to a large, luxuriously-fluffy Flareon!

Feeling her confidence grow even larger than her form, the brand-new Flareon wasted no time trotting back to her brothers and sisters, who gasped and marveled at their once-runty kin's sleek new body! How interesting it was that they now seemed to respect her, she thought, merely because she was larger and evolved...and unable to be picked-on any longer. The Flareon saw right through their shallow respect...but what was there to do about it?

Well...she WAS rather starved. Evolving, as it turns out, takes a lot out of you...

So, the lovely Flareon gathered up her brothers and sisters in their den, casually blocking the only exit as she told them she had a 'game' for them, one that trumped all the 'games' they used to play against her! With that, she picked up one 'Vee after another into her orangey forepaw, and slipped each and every one of them into her jaws... Gulp! Slurp! Smack! She was quite choosy in which order to eat them, like a picky diner deciding on their order of courses at a fancy restaurant...but once she'd picked each one, they QUICKLY disappeared down her capable gullet! No surprise...she was used to eating quickly, having to scrounge for the scraps her siblings missed for so many years; it was merely their own faults she could stomach them so fast~

And stomach them she did! One by one the large litter of lil' foxes plopped into her gut, and bit by bit her belly grew and bulged and sagged. She had never eaten so much at once before, and the stretch felt a bit uncomfortable...yet OH so satisfying as well! At last her tongue curled rudely around the rump of her final kin, the Flareon giving the mightiest swallow to conclude her meal!... That final Eevee took a while to find a spot in her belly, the bottom of her throat rippling around the little fox until finally, room was forcibly made~

Ahh! The Flareon was perfectly satisfied now~ Even though her belly felt quite strained, the stretched flesh gaining a notable blush as it wobbled about...she honestly wouldn't want it any other way~ It was as pleasurable as it was uncomfortable, oddly; and anyways, the tightness merely made her feel all the more accomplished that she had stomached EVERY SINGLE ONE of her kin.

She beamed, feeling warm; and more than just because of her full belly and fiery nature. The Flareon had finally shown she was better than her bullying brothers and sassy sisters...quite definitely~

The question remained...would she, let them out? They might respect her properly now if she did. But they would be so nice added to her beautiful orange frame, too! Well, perhaps it just depended on how much they apologized in the next few minutes...hee-hee~

This is a bit of an older picture I drew myself, about 4 years old I'd wager, if not a bit more! It one of two projects I simply lost motivation in and left unfinished, but last stream I went back to both and finished 'em up. Mostly to stick it to my bad self-esteem (that went 'oh, these aren't that good, don't bother completing them'), but also because both projects are still rather cute!

This pic's linework predated my big lining change when I got generally better at it, but it still holds up pretty well - I depicted the sheer heaviness of that belly quite well. Packing a Flareon with Eevees was simply a fun idea; I didn't have the idea of this being 'sibling vore' until I was writing the description though. But, well...sibling vore is totally awesome, so I'm happy to officially call this that! <3 (When it comes to sibling vore digestion, I like the idea of one's fellow kin, that related DNA, adding to one's own body. It feels...right, somehow! Whether this picture leads to digestion is of course up to you, the viewer...but those mean little 'Vees probably do deserve it!)

I wonder if people like the 'belly blush' I've been doing for vore and fats occasionally. Normally a belly blush is associated with certain things, but I like to use it to indicate how strained or overused it is, especially for vore.


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      "The question remained...would she, let them out? They might respect her properly now if she did. But they would be so nice added to her beautiful orange frame, too! Well, perhaps it just depended on how much they apologized in the next few minutes...hee-hee~"

      Let it be known I hate questions like yours. I'm pretty sure I've seen you comment before on my stuff - or if it wasn't you, it was somebody who used the same exact wording as you.

      I leave my vore open-ended for the viewer a lot of times. Please RESPECT this.