Felines Yawn Fine - by Flame by Charem

Felines Yawn Fine - by Flame


15 April 2017 at 18:17:49 MDT

While Biscuit rather hates how his accidental change of diet caused him to outgrow his shirts, and he feels rather uncomfortable being 'half-naked' in public with his fat 'ol gut wobbling out of his unbuttoned shirt...

...He also can't deny that the blubbery scaled surface feels rather nice on contact. >> A good rub...or squish...or scritch...to his rude belly makes him purr without thinking, even with his own self-contact. Such as during a good hearty stretch...arching that back, jutting out that wide gut...and a scritch-scratch-scritch... <3

Not that he would ever do this in public, or admit it, of course. He has an image to maintain...even if his frame is escaping that very maintenance...!

Another adorable piece by Flame. ^_^ It's nice to see this Srothar being so laid-back. He's not uptight by choice, but by mistaken necessity. He really needs to learn better, doesn't he?~