In Need of New Shirts... - by Flame by Charem

In Need of New Shirts... - by Flame


15 April 2017 at 18:17:40 MDT

(The following is a snippet from Chapter 4 of The 'Unwanted' Adventures of Biscuit the Srothar - do consider reading the whole thing over there!)

Biscuit's post-shower drying took a few minutes extra as his hair dryer was forced to cover a wider surface area, and combined with his dawdling in the shower he soon only had a few extra minutes to get to work. A breakfast, even a quick one, would have to wait... He struggled into his work shirt, taking a deep breath to tuck in his belly for a proper fit...though he quickly unbuttoned the bottom button to prevent his gut from straining it too much. He'd have to buy a larger-size work shirt as soon as possible...

Biscuit hopped quickly out his front door, taking a brisk walk to make sure he still got to work early...though he did not account for his new weight. Indeed, by the time he stepped into the restaurant, he was panting hard...though still 8 minutes early at least! He trudged into the small break room in the back of the business, procuring his waiter's apron and tying around his waist...his much-wider waist, though at least this still fit him. He blushed as he realized more clearly how much his gut hung out under his shirt and even a bit in front of his apron...

"Here. Just wear a company vest for today; that shirt is -so- not working on you right now." a familiar voice sounded behind him. The feline turned just in time to catch the large vest thrown to him.

"H-hey Griffy." stammered the Srothar with a nod, taking off his stretched shirt and donning the much-more-fitting vest as he stared down at his boss...though not rudely-so. Otters weren't known for being behemoths, and Griffin - known as Griffy by his friends and employees - was no exception.

"Hm, your gut still hangs out even in that vest...which is adorable, sweety, don't get me wrong, but not very professional. You -need- to get a bigger work-shirt like, stat."

Biscuit blushed at the casual compliment. Griffy was a bit flamboyant, if it wasn't obvious...not exactly something the Srothar understood, or was into, but he wasn't one to judge. The otter was a bit unusual, but also a good boss and a man who knew to run a business, and that earned him the feline's respect. "Sorry boss. I had a...lot to eat over the weekend."

"A lot? With all those new pounds, it looks like you ate me all up. Twice." the otter giggled at the silly notion, giving a friendly pat to the cat-gut with his webbed hand. "No need to apologize for making yourself more adorable...and glad to see you finally decided to gain a bit more weight like you were wanting to, too." Griffy gave the Srothar a knowing wink; it was hard to get much past him. "Honestly, restaurants need plump employees like you; it helps to get patrons hungry, and encourage them that their food will be delicious and filling. I just need you to use a bit more foresight when it comes to your attire, hm?"

"Yeah. I mean...yeah. Of course." Biscuit couldn't help but visibly clench his toes and blush as his belly-flesh wobbled softly to the more-than-welcome pats, strangely stuck pondering on the otter's joke for a moment before dismissing it. "I'm planning to get some new shirts right after work... I...doubt I fit in much of any of my wardrobe right now."

"Oh no! Can't have you stuck traipsing about in just your birthday fur." teased the boss, gently venturing an extra scritch to his employee's gut upon seeing such a positive reception to the pat.

"Yes, I'm sure it'd be a total disaster, especially to you." the Srothar rolled his eyes, purrling a slight bit to the scritch... Gosh, what was getting into him? His body was never contact before...

This was another piece done by Flame, who colored it himself too~ <3 (He loves Biscuit, quite a bit!)

Modesty is an odd thing in the furry world; some creatures need more clothes than others. Biscuit here is comfortably-simple; he needs only a decent shirt to be properly clothed. However, a bit of unintended weight gain can really mess that thickened scaly bellies tend to overpower even the best of shirts from being buttonable~ The poor Srothar feels half-naked with his shirt open and his gut hanging out...!