Biscuit the Srothar, Engorged Kitty-Cat - by Flame & Me by Charem

Biscuit the Srothar, Engorged Kitty-Cat - by Flame & Me


15 April 2017 at 18:17:34 MDT

(The events that lead to this form of Biscuit's are finely-detailed in Chapters 2 & 3 of The 'Unwanted' Adventures of Biscuit the Srothar... So if you enjoy the brief description below, give those chapters a read!)

Biscuit always ran from his heritage, shamed and embarrassed at how his species saw vore as a normal, natural thing to practice. Srothar bodies had been built for it for millennia - and their bodies simply desired the occasional whole, squirming snack. But Biscuit considered it barbaric, and since so many other species felt it strange or worse, he rejected it as hard as he could. Living life like a proper anthro, eating normal foods like a proper anthro...

Ahh, hubris. Fate has a way of changing things in perfectly-ironic ways for those who are asking for it the most.

Biscuit was simply unwinding another post-work shift at his favorite bar, and a chance encounter with a mysterious pig ruined his night. The porcine fellow was quite nosy, and was clearly enraptured by his species' unique nature...badgering the poor Srothar about 'opening up'. It set off quite the temper with Biscuit, who hastily ended the encounter and dismissed himself to his apartment to sleep off the bad evening.

Shame the event did not conclude there. The pig was too enraptured - and quite sure that the grumpy Srothar needed to accept himself. So much so, that a little breaking and entering here, and a bit of magical attunement to a ring there...well, they were acceptable breeches of privacy, a means to an end.

Biscuit was none too happy to learn he suddenly had an ear-piercing after he awoke some hours later, and even more frustrated when he learned he couldn't even snip it off - not even nicking his ear was possible! He elected to go for a walk to let off his building steam... But alas. The ring was indeed special, and activated by a particular trigger phrase, unbeknownst to the Srothar. Until a little beagle girl happened to call out for her pet cat nearby...

"Here, kitty kitty!"

The word - kitty - had a marketable impact on Biscuit, stopping him like a ton of bricks before dropping him to all fours. His mind remained hazed as his body shifted and restructured - not becoming a new creature, but becoming...MORE Srothar. A Srothar from time forgotten - a feral, less-evolved form...from back when their special abilities were ALL the more potent. A civilized mind and body does stifle one's role as a top predator, after all...but Biscuit was no longer stifled by such things~

Suffice to say, he roamed the evening city like an adventurous alley cat; if alley cats were massively voracious, in any case. Inevitably he found himself in a sleepy diner, open far too late, lacking any customers and staffed by merely one employee: a college-age mouse.

The irony only compounds with fate's hand firmly in place, it seems. And the results were...inevitable. The hungry cat found himself quite the satisfying meal out of the rodent, filling his gut good and full with a delightfully-active meal...the first he'd ever had! His feral mind pleased beyond words (which, for a feral Srothar, isn't much beyond 'maooo' and 'prrrr' admittedly), he touted his swinging gut back to his apartment, gurgling and glorping all the way to his bed~

The feral change was not permanent, however. Anthro-Biscuit awoke that next morning, wondering quite a bit about the vivid dream he'd experienced - only to have his newfound belly-softness and a report on the news confirm that it was no mere dream he'd had...! would he live with himself now? And...why did the newfound weight and fullness feel so good?...

Another delightful image drawn by Flame and colored by me! And again, the Srothar species is owned by Cyril~

I'm sure some people saw this coming. ;3 It's really not an ORIGINAL tale, Biscuit's. It's like the traditional 'were' story, where one transforms into a feral, ravenous creature at just the wrong times - and the individual attempts to keep their normal life together aside from it. Granted, I have a lot of places to go with this (if, again, I would just get back to writing the story!), and while traditional 'were' stories have a person turn into something abnormal and contrary to their normal nature...well, Biscuit just becomes the most-undistilled form of Srothar-kind - something he already is, and rejects. Not so easy to reject with such an affliction though, is it?...

This picture is technically not canonical; that other paw and the praise-words are being said by Cyril's Srothar Korynn, who is making a cameo here. Clearly the white-furred Srothar would approve of Biscuit's binges though. <3