Biscuit the Srothar, Upstanding Citizen - by Flame & Me by Charem

Biscuit the Srothar, Upstanding Citizen - by Flame & Me


15 April 2017 at 18:17:27 MDT

(Story is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of The 'Unwanted' Adventures of Biscuit the Srothar, a tale containing a preface and 4 chapters so far, that I do hope to continue at some point! Writing urges are hard sometimes...)

New Redhurst: The City of Limitless Potential! That was the tag-line the advertisements on TV about the bustling metropolis always used. Come visit, come stay, there's so much to do! It was probably...well, almost certainly gussied-up propaganda, but it didn't matter much to was a place for him to stake a new claim in life.

Oh, sorry. That's 'Buskott', Buskott Safnavei in full, if we want to be technical. The fellow was a Srothar, a feline and rather fluffy sort of anthro species, aside from their scaled bellies. His first name was a derivative of 'Bustinn' and 'Koturr', meaning 'chubby cat'...a decent name to receive, considering the ever-present pudge he had possessed right from birth. What made the name truly fitting, however, was how his weight was surprisingly even around his frame, when most Srothars stored weight up almost completely in their bellies. This made him notably more plump than his fellow Srothar.

As for his family name...well, that was just another reason he had hopped on that train a year ago and left the Srothar village he'd grown up in. 'Safna Veioi'...'Gather Hunt'. Just another reminder of his species' heritage...something his neighbors and family held proudly, but he could only feel disdain over. Srothars, while quite certainly a sentient species, had quite the capacity and instinctual desire to hunt and consume live prey. Indeed, a Srothar's gut could stretch out well to accommodate even meals larger than them, which served their appetites quite well. Most of their appetites, at least... Buskott could barely tolerate the practice of 'vore', and certainly never partook of it himself. Killed prey, properly cooked and prepared like a civilized meal was the only way he had ever enjoyed his meat, and he was perfectly content with his 'limitations'.

Mind you, Buskott didn't outright hate those in his home village...but he never felt he fit in, and his disdain for normal Srothar activities did not earn him much respect. Perhaps he didn't respect them much either. Getting out of the rustic community and into a more modern place, a melting pot of varied, generally-more civilized creatures...that had been a dream of his for quite some time. New Redhurst wasn't perfect, but it had certainly proven itself worthy of his personal requirements and allowed Buskott to establish himself in life the way he wanted to.

The year spent he'd in the bustling city had been a reasonably good one. Buskott had landed both a job and an apartment on the first day there. He was a waiter at a restaurant known as 'Steaks-a-Plenty', a place predictably specializing in juicy steaks...suffice to say, it wasn't a 'classy' restaurant, but a clean and well-managed one all the same, with enough pay to more than cover his living costs. His apartment was a simple studio apartment in a block of flats just outside downtown; small, but well-built and certainly comfortable enough for the Srothar. Living in such a cramped household as he had back in his village, even such a small domicile felt like a luxury of space and peace to him.

It was almost a perfect situation for Buskott. Well, except for one thing: very few people ever called him 'Buskott'.

You see, his chubby build only grew plumper after establishing in New Redhurst. For all his disdain over vore, he -did- love food, and the city offered a limitless supply of new dishes to sample from the many cultures that lived there. On top of this, his light-yellow fur color was...always decidedly 'buttery' in shade, and few people could pronounce his real name quite right. It was only logical, then, that he picked up the nickname 'Biscuit', a nickname that was so fitting that many thought it was his real name.

Now, Biscuit simply laughed and shrugged when the nickname was used towards him at first. But as more and more people innocently spoke it over his real name, he began to feel a bit annoyed. Then...came the teasing. The occasional unsavory individual who would cry out something like "Ha! Biscuit? That's a pet name! I guess you're a little pet kitty then, feline?" or "Hey fat-cat, looks like you've been meowing for lots of treats lately!" ...In such a large city, you get all sorts, and Srothars were not at all common in such an environment...and thus easy to tease, even without a nickname making them an easier target. Such speciesism was of course unsavory to any reasonable person, but it happened, and it happened far too much to Biscuit for his liking...making him hate both the insults and the nickname quite equally.

He was no fool though. He would hold his tongue whenever he could, especially when on the job. A good deal of people uttering out 'Biscuit' probably meant no harm in it; some even complimented his name for sounding 'adorable' (not that he was sure he -liked- being called 'adorable', but a compliment's a compliment?). Even when some asshole spouted insults at him, he would keep his response to a quiet growl at best...after all, he was a civilized creature, as much as the uncivilized idiots would proclaim otherwise. Civilized sorts didn't let such petty things get to them...right?

But Biscuit knew that his funny name and his plump weight weren't the real reasons he was getting teased... It was his -heritage-, that damn heritage. Srothars were known as some of the more 'wild' sentient species out there, with all their instincts and voracious habits... There was a stigma against all that by more-civilized species...and Biscuit -agreed- with them. Why couldn't they understand that?...

This fella, haha. <3

My pal Flame is to thank for the lines of this, and I colored it myself. But also well-worthy of thanks is Cyril, who created and owns the species seen here, known as a Srothar. I found the species quite appealing and Cyril was nice enough to let me make my own, and so we have Buskott Safnavei here...or, Biscuit~

I don't often have distinctively-anthro characters, that live a more civilized existence, but that's precisely the case for Biscuit. I found the concept of a Srothar going against their physiologically-voracious capabilities to be very intriguing~ Biscuit is quite the uptight grump all told, but the story I linked up above (seriously, go read the other chapters) has some real development for him...heheh~ I really do need to continue the story! But I will continue it in a way here with a few more submissions~

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