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Donut Discovery Does Delight Doggy! - by CudaCore by Charem

Donut Discovery Does Delight Doggy! - by CudaCore



Cuda the kangaroo has a pretty nice house! I was glad to get the chance to visit over there and be his pet for a while. There's certainly plenty of space for a wide pup like me to enjoy~ <3

Of course, the 'roo may not be too used to owning a dog. It's generally a bad idea to open some food on a counter and then step away from it when there's a canine about, and I am definitely no exception. DEFINITELY-definitely when it comes to donuts...! Maybe it's not quite a baker's dozen, but that was still a hearty amount of sweet, iced dough to light up my spirits!

Yes, they are chocolate donuts, and chocolate isn't the best for dogs, but...tell that to my stomach. 83 My hanging gut is a little too interested in gorging to really care~!

This was one of a handful of awesome scene renders that   cudacore did with the model he made of me. <3 Not only did he create an AWESOME model of me, but it is clearly very dynamic too, with a movable jaw and much more articulation as the numerous scenes will be showing~ You can see more clearly here that he put a fair amount of effort inside my mouth, with a thick purple tongue and some cute widdle teeth! :> (I don't need big teeth; do you see how I eat? XD)

I really adore this expression. It is the epitome of an adorable, derpy gasp of happiness. <3 It exemplifies my dogginess through and through~