[GIF] How to Properly WOBBLE an Umbreon - by CP & Me by Charem

[GIF] How to Properly WOBBLE an Umbreon - by CP & Me


15 April 2017 at 17:22:54 MDT

(Big GIF! Give it a sec to load~)

So here's a fun thing that more people should know about! <3

I already posted this picture before, over here. It's part of a big, LOVELY image sequence by my pal   congruentpartisan. ^^ Originally this image wasn't in motion, buuut...I changed that~

See, there's this free mobile app called AndWobble. Its entire purpose is to let you load up pictures on it, then add in circles and ovals to make different parts of said picture, wobble. It is a very simple concept, but I'm impressed with the program's complexity...you can make tons of differently-sized and differently-shaped wobble-points, and control how hard and long each wobbles.

I put a fair amount of work (using 43 different wobble-points, each with unique slider settings as what I'd deem realistic) to make this cute Umbreon's flab all the more lovely~ This is not just an animation though - if you have AndWobble yourself, you can actually download this as a wobble file and play with it on your phone or such! The download for this wobble-image is right here: http://files.andwobble.com/afa5c21e.....017799f4c6.wbl You just load it up in AndWobble and have fun!

It's entirely interactive too. You can grab each individual fatty roll, squishing and pulling it about, releasing it and watching it wobble slowly back into place... Or just click the screen and make EVERYTHING wobble together... <3 My GIF is merely a little snippet of me playing around with the image. (I believe you can also apply a wobble file to your phone's turn-on background or something too, with full interaction available.)

If you don't have a compatible mobile device, you can also use AndWobble on BlueStacks, a Windows-based Android emulator. I lack any sort of phone, so this is how I actually run and use the program.

I really should do more of these~ If I do, I'll put further ones up in journals. I only submitted this one to get this program on people's radar, and because Congruent SUPER-LOVED what I did and gave his blessing for me to post this. ^^ I really hope other people make some wobbly furry things too! Do let me know if any of you do something of this ilk, or something more vorish perhaps...