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♪ GOO...GOOD? ♫ - by Karserus by Charem

♪ GOO...GOOD? ♫ - by Karserus


Ah! Fareed the Blank never ceases to surprise. An endlessly-shapable creature can do that pretty easily though, all infinite possibilities considered. Good thing he's a nice creature, very friendly and kind as he always is, driven as a protector of all life.

Of course, there's an awful lot of ways to protect somebody, and it seems he's discovered a new way with me! Turning gooey takes but half a thought for him - Fareed does it every time he shifts into a new form, after all. But staying semi-solid all the while, leaving his belly in particular in the perfect state to just goop me down into as if he has a very sticky pouch... Now that, was definitely a bit new.

I'm a little surprised by the act, and I'm kind of...stuck. But in a way, it's rather adorable too... >//>

This was another cute sketch by   karserus of me and his Blank creature Fareed! It's fun to have my original species interact with his original species, seems fitting~ <3

This isn't the first picture of me and this fella, you can catch the other (and more of a description of the Blank species) over here: