Lunch for my Hubby~ - by DarkenJay by Charem

Lunch for my Hubby~ - by DarkenJay


15 April 2017 at 17:19:46 MDT

Eating people is a lot more okay if you thank them for the meal afterwards. Plus there's some stuff you can just do without asking when you're in a relationship with somebody you know really well, I suppose...

...But still, Eragon could've WARNED me a little before doing an om-nom pounce atop my head...and then, the rest of me! ^_^; Sigh...what to do with a Charmander sometimes? Well, I don't know; all I can do is wriggle and glurp now. ><;

This is a cute doodle   darkenjay did during one of my streams for me and my mate   eragoneater! I guess he thought suddenly stuffing me into the lil' lizard's belly was the perfect idea. Thanks Jay! :D (Gosh dang it Jay. XD)

See, Eragon? I said I'd keep the chain going and post something with you in it again. 83