Tasty Pizza with Shadox on Top! - by Jusu-Tengu by Charem

Tasty Pizza with Shadox on Top! - by Jusu-Tengu


15 April 2017 at 17:19:31 MDT

Dogs can get pretty dang happy when you bring them food! ...But you do have to be careful, as dogs can get a bit distracted when presented with tasty things...their eyes locking onto the meal, their jaws eagerly parting, and their minds focused on swallowing down the tasties as quickly as possible!

Eragon was being an award-winning boyfriend when he brought pizza home for me. Every dog LOVES pizza! Cheesy, gooey, hot n' melty~ I broke into the pizza boxes the moment he set them down on the kitchen counter, eagerly scarfing slice after slice down my gullet! In retrospect though, perhaps Eragon should have placed the food in the living room...where it's carpeted... Tiled kitchen floors can certainly be a bit slick sometimes, especially to fuzzy, padded purple feet like mine... And with my focus on EATING, I may have lost my focus on STANDING...!

I mean, I'm a fat dog. So a little case of my feet slipping out from under me and me plopping down on my wide rump isn't too big a deal; it's a very cushioned landing. Of course, this is even more of a cushioned landing when I don't actually land on the floor... Poor, poor Eragon. He was just milling about behind me in the kitchen, trying to get a drink, and suddenly he heard me yelp...only managing to turn around in time to see a mass of purple consume his vision. FLOOMPH! Next thing the Charmander knew, he was pinned to the ground, a warm, soft mass resting heavily on his back and his body half-buried in quite a squishy valley... Though unharmed, the poor little guy was quite dazed from the obese impact, though strangely snug where he was now trapped.

I wriggled my tush, shifting it atop the smooth, scaly 'floor' it now sat atop. Surprised as I was by my own fall, I was still a dog, and took a moment to nibble on the pizza-slice I'd brought down with me before really considering the situation. Hey - it takes effort to turn my body around and look behind me; I'm fat! I needed a little more energy first... I was quite surprised when I did look back of course, seeing my little lover vanquished under my big 'ol butt! Why, I blushed pretty hard too!

...Then I kept eating, of course. I could pull the pizza box down to me with a bit of a reach, so no harm, no foul. I mean...I AM a dog... Food first, freeing mate second, right?

M-maybe he felt kinda nice down there, heating my buns, too... >//>

Gaaaahhhsssh I ADORE this picture. <3 Like with the previous submission, Jusu-Tengu did this drawing, in his ever-wonderful traditional style. ^^ He draw fatties very, VERY cutely, and clearly he knows how to make an adorable fatrump. A priceless skill, in my opinion!

Trapping my mate   eragoneater underbutt is simply too much fun! I couldn't ask for a better - and lovlier - heating pad~ <3

Fun Fact: For all the butt-centric stuff I enjoy, and vorish behaviors I have... I've never done a 'sitting' picture like this, without any vorish connotation; purely innocent tush-pinning, in other words~ It's nice to finally break into this sort of thing; I've seen so many people do it so cutely for years, after all. ^_^

Fun Fact #2: Jusu put in a couple Easter Eggs because he's awesome! First is the text on my tag; it says 'Oops...' in Chinese text. (Normally should be Japanese but I don't mind a cultural difference; the tag can shift to a lot of things!) Second, in case you're not sure Eragon actually enjoys the situation; note the lil' flame-heart coming off his tailflame. :>

And, like, seriously. This is one of the best dang butts I've been drawn with as a shadox. :D It's practically the perfect butt and it makes me smile a lot. (Helps that such a perfect creature is under it, too!)