Team Halloween! - by Pippuri by Charem

Team Halloween! - by Pippuri


15 April 2017 at 17:16:58 MDT

This is just a snippet! See the whole image over here:

And see the EPIC voracious animation that features this image over here:

It might be a bit harder for a feral to get into a Halloween costume, but there's no denying we're some of the cutest costumers when all dressed up! Last Halloween, I prowled about as an holiday-empowered Shadox, seeking out meals in the darkness... But before I did that, I joined up with other trick-or-treaters and went for candy! A good sugar-rush is pretty useful before a hunt, after all~

Naturally, I dressed up as an Umbreon - a well-fitting outfit, and one I closely identified with~ (Shadoxes were inspired by Eeveelutions, especially Umbreons, after all!) I think Annika the Umbreon appreciates my choice of costume too. :3

Woo! This was very neat. ^^ I forgot to share this...though since it features so many people, I'll just share a snippet. Check the links at the top of the description to see more involving it!

  pippuri/Annika made an AWESOME vore animation/video last Halloween, featuring herself as a cute Umbreon and her Umbreon mate   tero-dragon - with the latter turning into a were-Umbreon and eatin' her! It was a very detailed project with a lot of scenes...and, being that Anny is one of the best friends ever, she invited me along with a few other friends of hers to make a cameo in this frame. :3 (Oh, and this frame too! )

I really do suggest seeing this animation at the above link, or just go here if you're lazy: Hands down, it was the greatest Halloween-themed thing I saw last October. <3

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