Drooly Diner, Drooly Dinner - by ImperfectFlame & Me by Charem

Drooly Diner, Drooly Dinner - by ImperfectFlame & Me


15 April 2017 at 17:15:29 MDT

FULL SIZE: http://puu.sh/oANXY/5f3cff99ab.png

It's practically ironic how slobbery some Fire-types can be. Certainly helps a small lizard like Eragon engulf prey, though! Charmanders, being the overachieving, stubborn sorts that they are, rarely give up on eating a meal once they've started nomming away...regardless of how much bigger that meal may be! Fatty, chunky purple dogs like me are not exactly snack-sized, but that did not deter the little guy in the slightest. And since his choice of meal WAS quite delectable, he had no trouble keeping up the waterworks in his mouth, matting my fur down all over with thick, hot drool as he chowed up from my back-paws, over my wide rump, across my flabby belly... The lizard's teeth constantly nipped and chewed, though harmlessly enough; he was more focused on swallowing than biting; it was a faster way to stomach his dinner.

Ah yes, stomach...speaking of... That Charmander soon found himself stranded, perched above his giant gluttonous gut as the stretched scales distended and wriggled with every shift I made. It almost seemed as if Eragon had over-estimated his capabilities this time...but well, who am I kidding? Never doubt a Char, I always say~ Still, a was a good dog...sitting politely on my haunches at the bottom of his belly as he fed over me, till only my head remained uneaten... I was panting hard by now, so embraced in the fiery-warmth of the reptile's innards, that drool dripped down my tongue...not only my own, but his as well, as his tongue slathered over my face...prepping me for that final...

GluurrrrrgULLLP! The swallow was long and hard, his tongue pushing valiantly against my nose as he drew the last of me past his teeth, into his throat, and down his gullet... I woof'd softly, helping him along by simply flopping down, tucking my head past as he closed his jaws with a satisfied 'Raaaawr~'. He had done a VERY good job eating over such a large meal, and I couldn't help but waggle my slime-sopped tail about in the very-cramped belly-chamber as I curled up tight, listening gladly as the chamber started to wobble, groan, and gurgle~ It's always nice to feed your mate, after all...and knowing that my many calories would soon add to the Charmander's own waistline simply made me all the happier to digest~!

After all, I am a Ghost-type...a bit of digestion is but a temporary setback~ <3

This was a cute that   imperfectflame did a while ago. :> Because he is awesome and supportive of my relationship with   eragoneater...as well as Eragon's desires to eat me now and then. ;3

I colored up the image myself, and...yeah! <3 Not much to say about that, it was a straightforward project. I really love this picture though...that head-nomming mixed with my doggy-panting is just adorable~

Oh, and fun fact? Eragon is a very copiously-slobbery fella irl, which is partly what inspired this. snickers