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Tantars: Slimy, Yet Satisfying - by Mklkmkwk & Me by Charem

Tantars: Slimy, Yet Satisfying - by Mklkmkwk & Me


Yes, I can eat creatures many times larger than me, or gorge on a room packed with creatures~ But sometimes it's nice just to devour a nice, slimy, struggling lil' snack. Just because I'm always hungry it doesn't mean I always have to stuff my face, after all; a little 'hold-me-over' is perfectly fine now and then, and just makes me that much more ravenous for my next, huger, meal~

Not sure if Joshie the Tantar necessarily APPROVES of being my hold-me-over, but slippery as the struggling amphibian might be, the only way he's slickly sliding is inward. ;3 Like I'd ever lose my mouth-hold over a footnote of a meal like this~ <3 Especially since he IS rather delicious for his size...

This was a cute that   mklkmkwk/Maka drew, and I did a lil' speed coloring on!   supameep is the prey. Maka is a mutual friend of mine and Joshie's, and I'm glad Maka's in agreement that the salamander's best location is in my gut~