The Most Adorable Mid-Air Collision - by shrimpmuffin by Charem

The Most Adorable Mid-Air Collision - by shrimpmuffin


15 April 2017 at 16:53:41 MDT


You generally don't want to have two flying planes in anywhere near the same airspace. With planedragons though, that rule can be...bent, a bit. Not made of as much rigid metal and material as normal planes, planedragons can make gentle collisions without any risk to them or their passengers.

In the case of a smaller private-jet planedragon colliding with a bigger jumbo-jet planedragon, there's even less risk. Especially when said jumbo planedragon is also jumbo in his weight, like I am. ;3 The little Charmander-plane, Eragon, actually crashed quite hard into me...but since he did it from below, he merely squished into my belly, letting out a happy rowr as he nuzzled up into my flab~ ^^ It was hardly disruptive for my or his flight pattern, and we simply reported a little 'routine turbulence' to any customers noticing the bump~

Wasn't a lie after all~ That little plane would do this all the time when our flight routes took us to the same place. <3 It's pretty cold up high in my butts, so the fiery jet's warm cuddles were always well as simply too adorable!

Yep, more planedragon art! This epic drawing was done by   shrimpmuffin, and is debatably the cutest clean picture I've ever commissioned~ Shrimp's an awesome artist and I do recommended checking them out! (And I actually have another thing from them I'll post soonish.) They were also very kind in offering a discount for planedragon arts at the time~

Co-starring in this is   eragoneater of course, my lovable little mate. <3 Who is such a sweetheart about the whole planedragon thing. He didn't get into the craze like I did; but he still found me adorable as a plane, and loved me enough that he wanted to join me in flying the skies~ He has a planedragon form purely because -I- made them interesting to him, not because of the general craze. And that's just the sweetest thing ever. ^_^

Eragon is a passenger jet like me, though a much smaller, private model. He's based off of this plane in particular: I adore how he looks; his trademark scarf looks awesome while flying, and those glossy goggles are just the cutest~! Also note his tongue: it's stairs. :> That's a detail the little guy came up with himself, and that's how he boards passengers, unlike me. (I have a side-door... Well, I CAN board passengers through other entrances, but they tend to gurgle within those entrances~)