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A Growing Shadox is a Hungry Shadox! - Drakeo1liveson & Me by Charem

A Growing Shadox is a Hungry Shadox! - Drakeo1liveson & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:44:12 MDT

It's pretty important to remember... No matter how much they might ACT like common dogs at times, shadoxes are truly strange and unpredictable creatures. Give them enough food and their bodies, already quite fluid with their ghostly nature, may simply adjust appropriately... Growing larger, in preparation for the size of their diet.

Keep up the feeding and make your spectral canine huge enough, and the shadox may start to get the pattern themselves...and continue their gorging and biggening all by themselves! And at some point or another, once the 'dox towers about your house, they WILL glomp the hand that feeds well as everything connected to that hand. ;3

Don't bother calling the national guard, anybody; that's just delivering more entrees! :O ...Actually, on second thought...DO call the national guard~ <3

  Drakeo1liveson drew this picture of me and him! Normally a dragon like him would be a lot bigger than me, but clearly things got a little out of control here. ;3 'Poor' Draken!

I love the build on this one. <3 A bit anthro and all~

This was another picture I speed-colored; this speed-coloring turned out better than the others I did too. It's not as clean as my normal coloring but it sure is faster. <:3 I intend to use it here and there for certain collabs. (And I have so many collabs that the speed boost is quite the boon!)