Beached Bedtime Buddies - by Geckomania & Me by Charem

Beached Bedtime Buddies - by Geckomania & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:17:13 MDT

Whatever size and species you might be, one thing's for sure: a big, belly-stuffing meal makes you mighty sleepy afterward! Both Korynn the Srothar and Sea the serpent seems to have stuffed themselves here, and while the feline Srothar might possibly prey on such a big piece of sushi like Sea, the two seem rather content simply lazing immobile beside each other, their bellies offering each a mutual pillow~

...Hard to say how long a sea serpent should really be outta the water, but Sea seems to have no problem beaching himself for a nap. <3

This was a picture drawn by   geckomania in a stream, starring   cyrilpanda's Korynn and   seafisheater as himself. I was in that stream as well, and seeing that Gecko had no intention to color the doodle, I felt randomly inspired by this cuteness and asked if I could color it myself. <:3 So he let me, and I did~ Whee!

Not a complex project by any means, but seriously, look at these two cuties. <3