The Case of the Ballooning 'Bree: Part 3/4 - by CP & Me by Charem

The Case of the Ballooning 'Bree: Part 3/4 - by CP & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:12:27 MDT

The 'Bree widened his stance as his belly began to pack densely to the sides as well as down toward the ground, his legs forced to spread apart... By the tubby stomach, yes, but also by the limbs' own girth; he could feel rolls start to stack onto roll around his joints, his butt just naturally swaying from all the blubber filling into it...

His breathing became louder and more labored as his neck became so pillowy that - well, he didn't really have a neck anymore, actually~ The massive piles of fur-coated flab below his head made sure of that. And as his cheeks plumped out flabbily in turn, it only squinted his troubled gaze that much more. This...was going to stop, right? It had to stop...he was at his limit!

Ahh, so he thought...

This was a rather old 'collab' between me and   congruentpartisan, with 4 parts in total! Well, I say collab... CP/Flame simply drew this lovely little sequence and I couldn't help but ask to color it, since it was so appealing. :3 He let me, I did this.

Nothing complicated~ But it involves immense and wonderful fattening to a hapless Dark-type, so what more can you ask for? <3