The Case of the Ballooning 'Bree: Part 2/4 - by CP & Me by Charem

The Case of the Ballooning 'Bree: Part 2/4 - by CP & Me


15 April 2017 at 16:12:20 MDT

The Dark-type only lowered his ears and furrowed his brow in more disdain, watching his body slowly but ceaselessly plumped and softened, his belly starting to sag significantly, his butt growing larger, and multiple rolls starting to donut out from his neck...

As least he knew better than to fight it; why, with his continued growth, any attempts to push the fat 'back in' or squeeze it away would expend only more and more effort as his weight increased. Best to save the energy, and simply observe... He hoped for it to stop, but his silky fur simply wobbled and jiggled more and more, his body ignoring his wishes...

This was a rather old 'collab' between me and   congruentpartisan, with 4 parts in total! Well, I say collab... CP/Flame simply drew this lovely little sequence and I couldn't help but ask to color it, since it was so appealing. :3 He let me, I did this.

Nothing complicated~ But it involves immense and wonderful fattening to a hapless Dark-type, so what more can you ask for? <3