Sometimes, I'm Just Full of Hot Air! - by EnigmaDragan by Charem

Sometimes, I'm Just Full of Hot Air! - by EnigmaDragan


15 April 2017 at 16:07:10 MDT

I do talk quite a bit sometimes, maybe even talk some people's ears off from time to time. But typically I have basis in what I'm saying, not just speaking empty, airy words. That being said, I still am sometimes completely full of hot air. Just, without actually coining the phrase, without it being a bad thing, and with it being quite, quite intentional. Air's a fun, cheap, and always-available thing to expand one's gut with, and being a fire-type, the air naturally heats...

It's funny, in a way; when I'm all puffy like this, I rarely talk much at all! Except in, light burps and belches, of course.

This was a cute drawing   EnigmaDragan did for me a while back! I don't do a ton of inflation-based stuff, and most of that is usually with liquids, so it's nice to go back to basics and pretend to be a balloon now and then. <3 Thanks Enigma!