[COMM] Sloshed, Stupored, Starving! - by IF & Me by Charem

[COMM] Sloshed, Stupored, Starving! - by IF & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:46:02 MDT

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If there is one thing dangerous to do with a Charem, it is to get the Charem drunk... This was a lesson learned by a whole party of people, some time ago. But it was indeed some time ago...

You see, I can be quite a hungry creature, regardless of the situation. But I'm also quite good-natured and conscious of my prey's, er, fates! Typically, at least. But with a good deal of inebriation... That sort of conscious concern becomes a lot more...unconscious, while my hunger only skyrockets higher! ^^; Eheh.

Kristofur the fox didn't seem to care much about this little matter when he invited me out to a local nightclub. Charmeleons like me don't tend to have a lot of cash (the only 'pockets' we have tend to get the money all soggy!), but the vulpine was quite generous and purchased all my drinks for me! Margaritas, mojitos, cocktails and wines...I sampled one thing after another after another, with Kris - not even buying any drinks for himself - only more than happy to encourage me to get another drink when my current one had been gulped down. Soon enough, my heavy belly hung out much fuller and rounder than it had been at the start of the evening, the sloshing swishes inside with every wriggle I made making clear just how alcohol-stuffed my gut was!

And my belly wasn't the only thing sloshed anymore. My mind was tingling and buzzing with the drinks, my movements loose and haphazard... I was smashed, quite completely! But my belly didn't just want drinks anymore...Kris hadn't bothered to buy me any bar food, and my gut had noticed this!

I was too drunk to notice how the fox did not even resist my sudden, hungry lunge for him. He only purred as I drooled and suckled over his black paws, spending time to give them a few loose-tongued slurps before I grew bored of the 'not-filling-myself-up-immediately' nature of my actions...and simply shoved his legs into my loose gullet. Somehow, I managed to right myself and pull the fox above me, still containing enough of my mind to remember that gravity = useful!

Kris simply rested his hands on the back of the couch, helping stabilize my action as I unawaredly nearly toppled myself over. The vulpine had quite intentionally only quenched my thirst over the evening, knowing that I would inevitably hunger for the nearest thing nearby me: him! But, surely he knew that the events of the evening were quite unnecessary to be vored by me? A simple request would have been enough to see the interior of my gut...and in a much less risky manner

But...the vulpine simply blushed and panted up into the air as he slid down the loose, slimy slide that was my relaxed, drunken throat. It seemed the fox had fully intended this thrill-seeking...and had wanted to see me at my most ravenous! Perhaps he simply enjoyed being so intensely desired - even/especially if it was in such a voracious way!

I did not ponder these thoughts myself, of course. My mind, hazed as it was, could only focus on devouring the wriggling, moaning meat in my mouth...and before long, my singular goal had been accomplished. The furry fox's descent happened quite quickly and with little effort; I was practically a rag-doll hanging loosely-open for him the whole time. Until he got fully into my gut, anyways...at which point my alcohol-filled belly clenched down upon him in quite a possessive manner, completely soaking his fur in the many drinks I'd consumed!

As soon as my body had completed its goal, my mind - and my all of me - finally passed out, my body flopping happily back to snooze on the sofa. As for the fox's fate... My belly was quite gurgly and sloshy that entire night, certainly bouncing and kneading against the devoured vulpine the whole time. But, was only all that alcohol digested away, or the fox as well?... I knew not when I finally awoke, hours later; my belly WAS fatter (though from the fox I was not sure) and the fox was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps he had climbed out of my loose body during the eve, or perhaps he had stayed put and just...gone with the process. It was hard to say; my body was so efficient at digestion that there would be no clues to hint at one or the other happening.

The only thing for certain? It had all gone to Kristofur's perfect plan, and the fox was undoubtedly happy with the outcome! <3

Woo! ^..^ This was another commission I did in joint with   imperfectflame, for the fox known as   kristofur! As usual, Flame did the lining side of things, and I did the coloring side of things.

Kris wanted something voracious with me and him, but didn't have any specific idea... So, thinking back to an older picture of me getting drunk and COMPLETELY hungry, I suggested a nice nightclub/drinking scene and...here we are. :3

The moody lighting in this image was a fun experiment; it's kind of fun to have my flame be the light source! And if I went to a club irl, I'd prefer one dimly-lit...it's more peaceful that way. <3 The link at the top of this description goes to a normally-lit version, in case anybody prefers looking at that. ^^ Overall this project wasn't too hard, but it was enjoyable to put together, particularly in coming up with a color scheme for the club~

Thanks again for commission, Kris! It was real fun to have you in the stream for this too. ^^

(Oh, and btw, a small disclaimer: Yes, drunk-Charem tends to digest his meals because he doesn't know any better beyond thinking 'I want to eat things!' and 'I like being fatty!' No, that doesn't necessarily mean that Kris got digested in this scene. ;P I wrote the story in such a way to leave it up in the air. And besides, it's more Kris's call, don't you think? 83)