[COMM] Char-Rawr! It's Totally a Charizard! - by IF & Me by Charem

[COMM] Char-Rawr! It's Totally a Charizard! - by IF & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:41:32 MDT

Yep, that sure looks like a true-blue (true-orange?) Charizard to me!

It certainly doesn't look like a wingless red dragon who really wanted to be his favorite Pokemon, to the point that he cut himself out some cardboard wings to duct-tape to his shoulders, painted nearly every inch of his body to match a Zardic coloration, taped back his very non-Charizardish whiskers, filed his pointed horns to resemble rounded Zard-horns, and secured a burning, oily rag on a torch to give himself a tailfire he otherwise didn't have.

And it definitely doesn't seem like he was previously rather thin, being an eastern dragon, and decided to 'bulk up' for his Charrish role, consuming quite a few messy calories and poffins and even stuffing a wriggly and familiar-looking Charmeleon into his belly to play off the 'you are what you eat' rule.

All the remains of such a purely-hypothetical crafts project on the ground around him certainly doesn't mean anything either. :3 And I mean...he's standing in a Pokemon Center! You find Pokemon at a Pokemon Center, so clearly this is a legit Zard guyz.

Though, those who still somehow doubt the authenticity of this Charizard are certainly free to do a more thorough internal investigation to confirm or deny their theory... 83

This was a very entertaining commission that   imperfectflame and I worked on for   drakeo1liveson! It might surprise you from my convincing dialogue above, but...Draken is actually a normal eastern dragon, not a Charizard. :O But he sure wanted to be a Zard, so he cobbled together himself in a rather intensive cosplay...though perhaps he could stand to improve his painting skills a bit next time. XD

This was easily the most intensive flat-colored commission Flame or I have done. For Flame, the background and all the things on the ground took a lot of time to draw out. And for me, there was just so many little details to color in with different colors! The background took some time to find a good aesthetic for, but eventually a happy collage of colors was found. <3 Very Pokemon Center-ish ones at that. I also decided to use a lot of texturing effects for much of the environment and items - and I think that helped make things look cooler too. ^^ The end result definitely was worth the time it took~