To Pay For An Apple... Page 3 - by PieMan24601 by Charem

To Pay For An Apple... Page 3 - by PieMan24601


15 April 2017 at 15:38:42 MDT

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My rump, my tail, my legs... One by one by one, they all disappeared down the green Kecleon's throat. The brother lowered his head when only my feet remained, his lips firmly held around my ankles as he savored the last of his lunch. That sticky tongue - articulate for slurping as well as kissing - lathered over my already-soaked soles and digits meticulously, as if to make sure they were as slick as possible! Or perhaps it was done merely for taste; the chameleon dug his tongue especially hard against my leathery paw-pads, pressing out as much of the jerky-like flavor that they possessed as possible.

But, it is hard to take the time to savor an especially-delicious meal - you simply lose the willpower to resist swallowing it down as fast as possible! Such was the weakness of the lunch-starved green brother. Turning his head sky-ward one last time, he let out the noisiest, wettest, glurkiest 'GULP!' as he at last sent my feet down his hungry gullet, the last of my form joining the rest of me to curl up in the Kecleon's overstuffed belly!

But clearly, that loud final swallow was not enough of an outward expression of satisfaction. I felt my head patted and my body squeezed from the outside as the whole stomach chamber vibrated around me, the motions quite clearly made from the thunderous belch that the sated Kecleon triumphantly sounded out! A happy sigh followed soon after as the belly walls softened again, squishing loosely against me as my predator relaxed from his lunch.

I could feel a third paw pat my bulges as the purple Kecleon approached his sibling, reminding his fattened brother of their end of the 'deal'. The muscles around me shuddered passively to life once more as I something else seemed to be swallowed above me... Soon, that Big Apple I had eyed some time ago plopped atop my belly, glistening admittedly deliciously from the Kecleon drool that now coated it.

A light 'thud' sounded out as the green Kecleon took a relaxing seat on the ground, a much more comfortable position to support the weight of a fattened Charmeleon. Four paws now seemed to rub and caress over my body from outside as the two brothers sat together and admired me for what a good meal I had made... While still a bit bewildered over the events, I couldn't help but purr from the attentions, feeling that infectiously-cheery feeling as the purple brother sing-songed his business lines once more to me - still spoken as genuinely as before.

Calmed, I regained my own appetite quickly and nabbed the apple next to me, gnawing away at it piece by piece like a dog eats a bone. Big Apples were quite worth savoring over, after all, and it looked like I might be in here a while...not that I minded that fact. I was sure about one thing now...the Kecleon Brothers certainly did value their customers!

This is part 3 of 3 of a series that   pieman24601 put together for me a while ago. ^..^ I really admired good traditional art like this - it's a lot easier to pull off making something look nice with digital tools, but Pie did an altogether-fantastic job in making this look cute and colorful with physical tools alone!

I've always liked the Kecleon Brothers from PMD (notably PMD2); they're so adorably flamboyant, to the point I can't help but wonder if it was totally intentional on the developers' part. :3~ Naturally, being in the middle of them was something of a desire I had - in whatever way possible!

(Also, consider this my Paw Day submission! It's the pawsiest thing I have right now - and though it's not the focus per-se of the comic, I think there's plenty of paw-loving to be had here. <3)