Domino's Pizza (Introducing: Mottzi!) - by Congruent & Me by Charem

Domino's Pizza (Introducing: Mottzi!) - by Congruent & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:28:23 MDT


Domino the Bubblegum Leafeon was always a happy and friendly fellow, coexisting well with more flesh-and-blood Pokemon. Though, the food-formed fox always did wonder if there were other creatures like him...

Fortunately, the answer to this mystery came to Domi one day...literally! In fact, not only was there another food-construct Pokemon out there, but it was a fellow Eeveelution to boot! This fellow Eeveelution had seen the dear Leafeon here and there before, and had finally hosted his fat and gooey form over to meet the gummy-Leafy...

Mottzi the Flareon was not your typical fluffy fire-type. Well - he certainly WAS soft and huggable, but that was on account of the gooey cheese which comprised nearly all of his large body! His Flareon roots were evident in how his cheesy form kept loose, warm and greasy, just like the pliable cheese atop a pizza - all thanks to the natural fiery nature he still possessed keeping his form consistently-heated - and no doubt, deliciously aromatic.

But Mottzi termed himself a 'Pizzeon' rather than a 'Cheeseon'. Certainly, there was a lot of cheese to him, but he wasn't ENTIRELY cheese. Indeed, many different things could 'sprout' from his cheesy skin, sticking atop his hide tantalizingly. These things were always ingredients for a pizza - a slice of pepperoni here, a sausage ball there, a mushroom half elsewhere.

What's more, the Pizzeon could decide his entire composition by will. Did he feel like being cheddar that day? Perhaps his namesake, mozzarella? Some swiss? He didn't have to decide on just one type of cheese either; the 'fluffier' parts of his body could be a whole separate type of cheese from the rest of his body. This flexibility continued onto his toppings; if it counted as a topping, he could sprout it, and he could mix and match any combination he liked.

The gooey Flareon was quite good-natured, as Domino quickly learned. The Pizzeon seemed very upbeat and energetic for such a fat creature - though his behavior was sometimes as cheesy as his form. Perhaps on account of having a brain made of dairy products, Mottzi seemed happily-ditzy at times; missing the point of something, misreading a reaction, or just cracking a very - yes, cheesy - joke and thinking it was the funniest thing since sliced pizza bread! However, it didn't change the fact that the Pizzeon was quite a friendly and well-rounded (in more ways than one) fellow.

Mottzi was also quite eager to ask his new friend if he wanted to - well - eat a part of him! Domino was a bit surprised by the forwardness; he himself would sometimes allow people to chew on his gummy hide, but gum was never really meant to be eaten. The Pizzeon just giggled and expressed how pizza WAS meant to be eaten, and that he had no issues with somebody just taking a bite out of his greasy and delicious form; he felt no pain nor fell under any harm by such an action, and he could simply redistribute his substantial and gooey mass to reform parts eaten. Why, he would even happily change his cheese types and toppings selection to the taste of whoever wanted a few bites of him!

"But Mottzi," Domino asked. "Wouldn't you lose a lot of mass and get very thin if you did that too much?"

The cheesy Pokemon swayed and wriggled his form as he laughed. "Hehe, nope! Well, I mean...yep! But I eat things myself too!" The Pizzeon explained to his gummy friend that he could eat practically anything - even things not typically seen as food - and melt them away into more cheese for his mass. Heck, he didn't have to even swallow things through traditional entrances; it was easy enough to sink something directly into his greasy hide. Mottzi expressed how he couldn't count the number of times he'd had a hungry dream and woken up to find the pillow he had laid his head upon had been devoured into his body...and sometimes the whole bed under that as well!

The Pizzeon waved his tail as he thought about it a bit more. "But I most like eating things that other creatures consider food too. Like...other creatures, ehehe!" Domino was a bit surprised while Mottzi cheerfully explained how he considered people eating part of him to be 'sharing', and how he would eat them back afterward and easily restore his lost some!

The cheesy Eeveelution seemed quite content on his logic, but Domino had to ask. "I'm no stranger to eating others myself...but people aren't always willing to be turned into gum...or cheese, in your case. Doesn't that, um, get to you sometimes?"

"Why would it? It's sharing! Sharing is caring! And I care about them being cheese!" the Pizzeon waggled his tail, flicking strings of cheese about. "Plus, turning somebody into cheese is awesome! Because...cheese is always awesome! So I'm super-duper sure they feel awesome when I eat them!"

Domino face-pawed with a shrug and a grin, knowing that he couldn't very well argue with that...interpenetrate...logic. "What if I said I was wanting to eat some of you, but I didn't want you to eat me afterward?"

The Flareon blinked for a few moments before his eyes lit up. "Oh! That's okay! But you gotta help me find somebody else to eat then, okay? It's fair that way! Now...what'cha wanna eat, huh-huh?"

The sticky Leafeon nodded with a swish of his gummy leaf-tail, chuckling at Mottzi's mile-a-minute thought process while taking a moment to think himself. "Alright, you got yourself a deal. As for me, well..." Domi pondered, licking his lips. "I have a craving for some pepperoni..."

<3 Gosh, I loved this project.

This was drawn by :iconcongruentpartisan: and colored, shaded, and backgrounded by yours truly. :3 It stars :iconnainnain: in his usual Domino the Bubblegum Leafeon form, as well as...well. <3 Mottzi the Pizza Flareon, or Pizzeon for short.

You guys probably noticed that I've worked on [u][url=]a[/url][/u] [u][url=]couple[/url][/u] pictures for Domino in the past. He's about the third non-flesh-and-blood Eeveelution character I've seen before (the other two being Vaporeons made up of liquidy substances other than water), but he was also by far my favorite. What isn't to love about a Leafeon made out of tasty pink gum? Especially one that literally oozes his sticky sweetness? <:3

The idea of a Pokemon made out of food is a solid one indeed...and has plenty of potential. Which is why I devised Mottzi the Pizzeon myself! Yep - he is my newest character. <3 [u][url=]I've always had a thing for pizza and gooey cheese[/url][/u]; I find it both delicious and kind of kinky to be honest! Cheese is nice in any situation, but when it's on a pizza freshly removed from the oven, cheese is in its best form - soft, greasy, pliable, and just lovely.

Mottzi is basically that sort of fresh, just-oven-baked sort of cheese at all times; being a Flareon, his body is kept nice and hot from the core of himself, which keeps his form in that perfect state. <3 As explained in the story above, he's a Pizzeon because of this pizza-gooey cheese quality as well as his ability to create any sort of toppings on himself just by will - same as how he can transition himself into any type - or types - of cheese!

I also like the idea of a creature made out of food who is also a massive vorephile~ He lets people eat part of him, and then he eats all of them - it's perfect logic, to Mottzi! Yes, he can be a bit of a derp in ways like that - he's actually quite dizty and silly, but also genuinely friendly and good-natured. He has a perfectly-clear conscience about digesting people into cheese to add to his often-very-fat mass; as he said in the story, cheese is awesome, becoming cheese is awesome, and he's sure that those he eats feel awesome as well!

Though if getting eaten by him isn't to your tastes (give it time; you'll warm up to the idea eventually ;3), just shove any random objects on hand into him; he can digest practically anything, even stuff that's far-removed from what people consider 'food'! Truly, his cheesy mass is quite hardy to melt down anything that ends up inside it...and then, always, turn it into more delicious cheese~ <3

Hopefully we will see more of Mottzi again soon! I have two more images to post of him in fact, one being more of a concept image before I got his design down, and both being more sexy than vorish...and quite lovely at that. <3 I don't have anything lined up or planned after that...for now. ^..^ I would love to get some voracious stuff done with Mottzi sometime though~