How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 5.5 (REMAKE) - by IF by Charem

How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon: Part 5.5 (REMAKE) - by IF


15 April 2017 at 15:25:58 MDT

This is a remake of Part 5.5 of the series I posted a good 2 years ago now, How to Properly Stuff an Umbreon. <3 Originally it was one of the first commissions I got from   imperfectflame, namely the first 'series' commission I got from him.

Wait, 5.5? Oh yeah. This is actually not exactly a remake panel; it's a brand-new panel that takes place between parts 5 and 6! Yay bonus content!

Flame has always called it one of his favorite, he went back and re-did 7 panels of the series in the remakes I'm sharing here. n..n He did them more just to test his new abilities versus an old (but beloved) project, but he gave me permission to post 'em up. <3 And since these remade parts look awesome, I very much appreciate that he did. <3

Enjoy! And if you want to see the original images, the other parts of the comic that were not remade, and/or read the original story I put to the series, check the links above. ;3