Brisk Bubblegummy Bellydragging! - by CongruentPartisan & Me by Charem

Brisk Bubblegummy Bellydragging! - by CongruentPartisan & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:24:10 MDT

Viewer Question: If you saw an obese Leafeon (made of bubblegum or not) walking down the sidewalk, what would your first reaction be?

This is a spiritual sequel to: !

Domino's fruitful foray into a food-establishment had added plenty of delicious, sticky pounds to his portly frame! Such a result is expected when you eat all the food from a its the other all the furniture... Well, a ravenous appetite is only truly sated when there's nothing left to consume, after all!

The Pokemon was so large by the end of it, though, that his weight proved hard to move! Fortunately, when you're made out of bubblegum you tend to be pretty stretchy, and with some shifting of his weight he was able to drag his fat gut right between and behind his thick legs, succeeding in the feat of movement and vacating the dining place before any passerby got a little too curious about why the previously-open building was suddenly vacant of people, food, and any sort of furnishings!

Still, he was moving as slow as a slug - and the effort was making him sweat a sugary ooze to the point he was slimy as a slug too! The resolute Leafeon knew that he had to lose some of all his plumpness though, lovely as it was, if he was to go off and fetch another meal tomorrow...

And so the sticky Pokemon did power-walk through his town, leaving a constant trail of sticky gum wherever he went, gradually quickening his pace as he worked off the pounds... But only to an extent, of course. Once his still-over-fattened belly was comfortably dragging along only a -little- behind his rump, he knew he was certainly fit enough to ably gorge himself the next day. With his head held high, Domi trot-drag-trotted on home, grinning proudly in response to the flabbergasted stares passerby gave to his portly, slimy physique...!

I just cannot get enough of this Leafeon he's just so cute omg. <3 If you're late to the party and didn't see my other picture of him, this is Domino the Bubblegum Leafeon, made purely of sticky, gooey, sweet gum! Go take a look at his FA here:   nainnain

Like with the last picture, this was something drawn on a whim by   congruentpartisan in a stream and then I couldn't help but color it because heart. So much heart. <3 <3 <3

I used a looser shading style on this one...and 'borrowed' the background details from its prequel (stealing from yourself is a-okay!), so I was able to save a lot of time on this compared to the other image. ^^