Bountiful Bubblegummy Binging! - by CongruentPartisan & Me by Charem

Bountiful Bubblegummy Binging! - by CongruentPartisan & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:24:01 MDT

Viewer Question: What do YOU think of a Bubblegum Leafeon, and what sort of things would you want to do with one? (Or have one do with you? ;3)

There's a sequel to this now!

Food. Food was always a nice thing. Domino understood this quite well, in fact. Perhaps you wouldn't expect a creature made entirely out of bubblegum to have an appetite...but then, you also wouldn't be considering just how stretchy gum can be. ;3

The pink-toned Leafeon lacked many of the pesky limitations that flesh-and-blood creatures had to deal with. (Bones? SO last century.) This made him quite comfortable with the notion of stretching out his sticky form, to the point that it could have even been considered a 'routine'. But it was never a boring routine... Made of gum as he was, he could eat anything and anybody through more standard orifices, or simply sink things right into his sticky hide from any side and which-way. Yes, it was never 'boring' for him to consume!

Domino had found himself quite the buffet today, and all it had taken was sauntering sugarily into a restaurant during its business hours. The Leafeon lacked any form of currency, but the staff wisely realized that one does not deny service to one who could devour you whole without a second thought. As such, the bubblegum-Poke was treated like a king, being served every manner of dish, the contents of each quickly sinking down his gummy gullet!

With time, the stacks of plates grew and grew and grew, much like the Leafeon's whole form did plump and grow with each dish added to it! Sure, he was made of gum, but it didn't mean he couldn't digest some non-gum foods...and naturally, turn the resulting much into MORE gum! Domi's thickening body jiggled and shook as he wriggled happily, continuing his scarfings just as quickly as the restaurant's staff could rush out each next meal to him.

The greedy gorging was practically a work-out for the Leafeon, and he soon began to 'sweat' a nice, sugary gum-ooze from all over his form... Not that he minded; it simply made him stickier and slimier all over! Seeing as the restaurant had just run out of food, it would make 'snaring' the employees for his dessert all the easier...! ;3

Oh geez, this one was fun. <3

First off, this isn't one of my characters, but actually Domino the Leafeon, aka   nainnain! (Seriously go check out his account he's awesome and adorable.) :3 I wanted to stick (lolpun) to my Leafeon theme until I submitted a particular picture I'm still waiting on, hence why you guys are getting this. ^^

The story behind this picture's creation is pretty fun. I didn't actually know Domino until I went to a stream that   congruentpartisan/Flame did a few days ago. Flame was just doodlin' and then decided to sketch out Domino all fat and slimy. This made me curious as to who this bloke was. :O So I found him and talked to him and learned that - as you might expect - he's a Leafeon made out of bubblegum! I loved the concept, and I loved Flame's sketch of this fella, so I got Domi's permission to develop this more!

I applied the lineart method I use for commissions to thicken Flame's lines, then got to coloring. Coloring the 'slime' took the longest, but it was a lot of fun. Domi was present for the lot of the process and helped me get things just right. ^^ After all that, I decided that I enjoyed this project so much, and Domi was so happy about it, that I wanted to go further with it. So I drew in the food-stained plates you see here, colored them as well, and then set off to shade. I'm really not one for shading, so it seemed like a good way to continue to practice. I decided to do this more meticulously than normal, and...while I normally blur my shading lines after I've added them because I don't trust my lines to look quite right with shades, I decided to keep it to a cel-shading, sharp style here. Hopefully, it works. ^^ I think it did~ Then, it was time to cook up a simple, but adorable thematic background and tie everything together.

It was quite a bit of work, this one...but seeing Domino get so elated over the whole project (as well as a few other things I decided to help him with and do for him) really made me feel very happy myself. ^..^ It's nice to just do nice things for other people now and then for no rhyme or reason~

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, guys. <:3 I'll try to start getting better at this. I'll say this though; it seems the more that I draw, the less I post! So if I don't post, you know it's because I'm drawing, so in a way it's still a good thing. ^..^ Makes things like this picture happen!