The Consequences of OVER-Eating Your Greens - by Kyrio & Me by Charem

The Consequences of OVER-Eating Your Greens - by Kyrio & Me


15 April 2017 at 15:23:15 MDT

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(Continued from 'The Consequences of Not Eating Your Greens: Part 5'...)

The little Eevee trailed close behind my leafy tail as we approached just the place I was looking for - a big vegetarian buffet shop. I'd seen it in passing a few times in the past, but its absence of meat products kept me from ever growing too curious of visiting it. But with the Eevee's challenge of eating healthier hanging in my mind, I knew this would be the perfect place to complete such a challenge!

Of course, two quadruped Pokemon couldn't just waltz into a business like this, but that's why I'd come after they had closed. There was always a back door to places like these, and I knew I had vines in my new form...perfect for slipping under a door and twisting a lock open, of course~ Such a plan worked out perfectly with this restaurant, and soon we had gained access to the rather-large kitchen area. Their walk-in refrigerator was easy to find, as was a big box marked 'SALADS', as well as one marked 'DRESSINGS'. I carted several stacks of both out of the cold cooler, picking out several stacks of bowls with my dexterous vines as I also opened all of the boxes, pulling out bag after bag of nice, green lettuce and many bottles particular variety of salad dressing.

The Eevee raised an eye as I prepared bowl after bowl of salad, dumping much more than the recommended amounts of dressing onto each. "Bacon-ranch dressing...? If it has bacon in it, then you're not-"

I waved a paw in dismissal as I plopped an entire bottle of ranch on top of another mound of lettuce. "That's just IMITATION bacon! Made up of starches or...somethin' or other. Definitely not meat though!"

"Well, perhaps. But the amount you're using is-"

"It makes the lettuce taste real good, it does! Definitely the best part of a salad. And it's still healthy, since there's a lot of lettuce too!"

The Eevee let out a little sigh, but I didn't notice. I had already prepared a myriad of bowls, and felt my chops drooling already! Picking up a bowl in each vine, I unceremoniously shoved one, then the other into my face, my thick canine tongue swirling and lapping up all the dressing-drenched leaves of lettuce before licking every inch of each bowl's bottom clean. Like I would waste perfectly-good bacon-ranch dressing to remain on the bottom of a dish, after all! I stacked the pairs of now-empty bowls quite quickly together, eager to shove more food into my face as I ensnared another pair of full dishes and rapidly made them un-full as well!

This trend continued, each bowl being slurped up more greedily than the last as my appetite never seemed to cease... The Eevee seemed bewildered, especially as my body quickly 'responded' to the supply of fattening dressing I'd stuffed into it, my fuzzy-soft fur growing softer as my body and belly plumped out...further, and further, and further... The smaller Pokemon climbed atop my growing form curiously, perching on my back and looking down at my gaining weight, and crooning overhead to see just how I was devouring each bowl of food so quickly!

In what seemed like too soon - though it must have been quite the eternity for the bewildered Vee! - I had gotten to the final bowl of salad. The leaves, soaked longer in the dressing than the others I'd consumed, were downright soggy with the greasy topping, but it simply made them look all the tastier to me. I let out a shameless belch to make a bit of space, then shoved the bowl into my dressing-stained face, lapping happily at the tail-end of my meal and savoring this last course.

It wasn't like I could do much else; my plumpened paws were off the ground at this point, my body sitting perched atop my large and blobby belly. I wriggled and jiggled my many folds of fat in happiness, though; I sure loved being stuffed full like this. But more than that, I was confident that I had definitely eaten SUPER healthily! The amount of salad churning in my gut was simple proof of that. And not a single new pound of flab had been generated by meat!

Of course, I couldn't see the Eevee on my back, nor how hard he was face-palming himself. "How could you...make veggies...this...this...bad for you..."

Finishing the final bowel of dressing with salad, I sighed and licked my lips, finding the Eevee's statement amusing. "Veggies are never bad for you, silly 'Vee! ...Ohh, I get it! You're just a bit jealous that I had such a good meal! Well, don't worry! There's more of both in the cooler, and I'm sure I could make you several tens of delicious bowls for you to enjoy too!"

"Wh-wha? Th-that's not necessary at ALL-!" the Eevee attempted to argue, but I knew he was just trying to be polite! Though immobile, my vines certainly weren't, and I quickly curled one around my smaller friend as he so shyly began to retreat, while the other delved back into the nearby cooler, pulling the proper boxed food supplies out of it to concoct another myriads of dressing-soaked dishes - just as many as I had fed myself, in fact! The little vulpine seemed antsy at all this, but I simply giggled at his wriggling bashfulness. It really was no trouble to make all these dishes again! And I was sure he would love them... ALL of them. <3

Ehehe,   kyrio is such an awesome guy. After completing the previous 5-part TF sequence commission of my Charmeleon turning into a Leafmeleon, he then agreed to my idea of a collaboration that helped continue the story into another little bonus page; this one, of course! This was also his first foray into the idea of fatfurs, and I think he did a pretty adorable job at it. n..n

Kyrio drew the lines and I colored it all up; I'm pretty happy with how the leaves turned out here. I did this collab before my commissions, and the technique I did for the leaves' gradient was a wonderful introduction to some techniques I used on my commissions. :3

This where my grass form's origin story ends, but more Leafmeleon art may be on the way...perhaps! <3