Gurglin' Up a Good Fat Time! Part 1 - by Korynn by Charem

Gurglin' Up a Good Fat Time! Part 1 - by Korynn


15 April 2017 at 15:16:05 MDT


It's not hard to see me as a greedy creature. Consuming more than my weight in squirmy noms like I am wont to do, perching atop my struggling belly, my hunger certainly fits the definition of greed.

But sometimes, I can be even greedier!

Letting prey out after I've enjoyed them for a while is a habit I tend to follow, but sometimes, I get much too...possessive...for that. My desire to see them not only fill out my gut, but also line every inch of my scaly hide in their fatty nutrients, sometimes wins out over my more common and temporary voracious actions. My stomach is soon to respond to such a desire with the necessary juices and churning, a loud symphony of gurglings soon resulting as my belly quickly and pleasantly softens...

This was a 2-part set that   korynn very kindly drew for me, with some help from   imperfectflame iirc. <:3 Because it's good to remember that while the I'm not mean-spirited and don't digest people -often-, it -does- end up happening sometimes! Fatty Chars aren't fatty without some good gurgling now and then. ;P

Kor, you really should draw more often buddy, this came out great! ^^