[COMM] Slip on Inside, This Watery Hide! Part 2 - by IF & Me by Charem

[COMM] Slip on Inside, This Watery Hide! Part 2 - by IF & Me


15 April 2017 at 14:53:16 MDT

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Mizuko the Vaporeon has certainly taken his time drawing his draconic prey into his stretchy, liquidy body. He did enjoy savoring his meals, since every squirm of his snacks caused them to get tangled up that much more into his half-gooey frame.

Drax didn't really know what to think after a while, being shoved directly through the absorbing skin of his assailant. Escaping a predator that can consume you from any mere touch is hard to accomplish even when you are prepared, and that, the dragon most certainly was not. Though that was clear enough to tell as the last bit of the drake's body was sunk through the Vaporeon's bright-blue skin...

Soon, the Pokemon merely flopped to his side, spreading out his limbs lazily; his struggling meal, bulging greatly from his underside, forced such a sprawl anyways. The Vaporeon didn't mind. Licking his paw casually like a cat, Mizuko enjoyed the chance to rest and amuse himself with the feel of the dragon kicking and stretching his skin all about. Of course, the Vappy could solidify himself fully now, scrunching the meal into his belly where it would be forced to curl up and behave... But what fun was that, really? Certainly not as fun as the post-meal and nearly full-body massage his prey was performing on him...

The poor dragon could only continue to push and spread out in the strange, hollow-ish environment he found himself in. He had good endurance at least, shifting around in the gooey locale. His predator stretched quite easily wherever he pushed, yet the elastic prison would not tear; it was as durable as it was pliable. Drax's vision was filled with blue all the while, though he could just barely see through the semi-translucent state of his captor's hide and view the outside world...a place he likely wasn't going to exist in again!

  imperfectflame and I developed this picture together, this being yet another awesome collaborative commission. ;3 This was commissioned by   slimedragon1995, starring his main character Drax and my character Mizuko, and is 'Part 2' to the previous commission he paid us for. ^^

As I said in part 1, Drax loves his goo-preds. <3 Mizzy makes a pretty awesome one himself, and it's times like this that I'm quite glad I created him! Like in the first part, I gave this a nice layer of shine as well, which is proving to be a fun activity (time-consuming as it is!). I used the same background style as part 1's, but I added a few subtle effects and differences that I'm quite happy with~ Flame also did a fantastic job with the details on this image; pulling off something with so many bulges is tricky, and he did it great, and made Mizzy look really cute reclining like that too! <3

Again, to anybody who's interested in commissioning me, please go check out my Commission Info section for all the details and examples! :D