Umbreon Curry - by IF, Tekayos, Annika & Me by Charem

Umbreon Curry - by IF, Tekayos, Annika & Me


15 April 2017 at 14:52:41 MDT

(Use your mouse to reveal a new part of the scene! ^^)

Curry is a spicy dish, served in many different ways and styles across the world. One of its more popular forms is a dish served with rice, hot spices, and meat. The meat used can vary depending on individual tastes, as rice is a wonderful compliment to many different foods. ^^

Such a meal is quite appealing to the palette of Annika the dragon, and she happened to know just what meat ingredient to include... :3 It would seem that Umbreons are a great ingredient for curry, and she was lucky enough to have an extra-tasty birthday Umbreon! The Pokemon was aged to 20 years, the perfect age for eating with her many pounds of delicious, spicy rice!

Anthony the Umbreon hardly minded being part of a balanced meal. After all, being snuggled into his mate's lovely belly made for a wonderful birthday present, just as much as he had made a wonderful meal. <3

Well, this was a great deal of fun. ^..^ This flash is the result of a collaboration between myself, :iconimperfectflame:, :icontekayos:, and :iconpippuri:/Annika. And is a birthday gift for :icontero-dragon:/Anthony, who just had his 20th birthday yesterday. <3

When I learned from Annika that Anthony was gonna have a birthday soon, I definitely felt like putting something together for it. I really care about Anny, and while I don't know Anthony that well, they are mates, and that makes him a lot more than okay in my book. n..n Anny really wanted to get a gift together for him that wasn't just drawn by her, and so I volunteered to help with that.

My friend Flame was quite nice to help as well and draw the base image when I brought it up; not too surprising since he usually enjoys celebrating birthdays when he has the time and means to. :3 From there, I colored the image up, and then constructed a second version that was an external view (since the original image showed an internal). I passed along the internal to my pal Tekayos, who gave the internal view a nice shading, and then gave both the completed internal and external over to Annika, who then put this all together into a fun little x-ray Flash. n..n

Quite a fun collaboration, I have to say. :3 My thanks really do go to everyone who helped make it possible. I do hope Anthony enjoys it too!

(And if you're wondering why Anthony seems kitted out with warrish equipment, that's because he likes wearing that sort of stuff: But don't worry, that knife is protected in a sheath here. :3)