[COMM] Slip on Inside, This Watery Hide! Part 1 - by IF & Me by Charem

[COMM] Slip on Inside, This Watery Hide! Part 1 - by IF & Me


15 April 2017 at 14:50:32 MDT

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Never trust a Vaporeon to be safe to touch from ANY side...especially if that Vaporeon's name is Mizuko.

Mizzy's got a number of tricks up his sleeve, which I've already reviewed before. His always-most-notable is, of course, his ability to melt between pure water and a solid state...and, everything in between. Oftentimes he loves to leave merely his slick skin solid, while keeping his interior liquefied... It certainly gives him plenty of space to consume a meal, after all, when he doesn't have to worry about wedging it into his digestive tract alone! Plus, in such a state, he looks perfectly normal from the outside, allowing him to keep his plans and plots quite secret...

It is only normal for a person to desire to pet a friendly-looking creature. Such was Drax's great failing in his first meeting with the sly Vaporeon. Certainly, it seems harmless enough to start patting a creature down the back, up until your hand splashes through the suddenly-liquidized skin you're currently touching!

The red dragon, like most of Mizuko's prey, was a little too confused to respond defensively, and the Vaporeon was quick to rush at and sink in even more of Drax's limbs and body wherever they touched his hide, stopping the dragon's ability to resist without too much effort. Mizzy just had to gush and churn that water inside of him, and his core essentially became a sinkhole, sucking more and more of the unfortunate drake into him!

Of course, like any predator consuming a meal larger than themselves, the Vaporeon's slick hide quickly distended and bulged out in many directions. However, unlike most ambitious preds, Mizuko's body has no internal restrictions, and thus, Drax could and did bulge throughout the Pokemon's frame. The belly was merely one place where the dragon's heavy form sagged and distended Mizzy; Drax's legs and tail were caught up in the Vaporeon's mighty finned tail, his arms were distorting the Vappy's chest, and bits and pieces of his body were still not surrounded by all the hungry Vaporeon-skin...at least, for the brief moment.

Mizuko grinned mightily, placing his paw on the helpless dragon's head to push him further inward. He certainly was a cocky Pokemon...but then, when you've mastered two different states of matter, that's a natural emotion!

Yay! This be another collaborative commission I did with   imperfectflame. ^^ This one was commissioned by   slimedragon1995, starring his main character Drax and my character Mizuko.

Drax seems to be quite fond of goo-preds, so naturally he's been quite fond of my Mizzy too. 83 I quite appreciate being able to work on something with my underused Vappy, especially something that is as interesting and as much fun as this! Drax also asked me if I could make Mizuko shiny in this picture, and liking shininess myself, I agreed to give it a shot...and I think it worked out pretty good! 83 Shine/shading is NOT something I am all that confident about, so it's nice that it worked out in this pic.

Again, to anybody who's interested in commissioning me, please go check out my Commission Info section for all the details and examples! :D