Commish Example: Melon-y 'Meleon Meals! - by IF & Me by Charem

Commish Example: Melon-y 'Meleon Meals! - by IF & Me


15 April 2017 at 14:38:36 MDT

Delicious meals only taste more delicious when you're in a watermelon-Jolly-Rancher-flavored void (the best kind of void! :D). And of course, the best meals are those that squirm about and make your tummy feel all nice! <:3 As for what I ate?... Well, imagine anything you want; I eat everything, after all. ;D

This is a picture that   imperfectflame sketched, and I spruced up and colored from there. This is an example of the sort of joint-commissions me and Flame are currently offering, and we don't charge much! :3

A full image like this costs just $10 USD for up to two characters. For every character past 2, it's +$2 USD each. However, vore-prey that are hidden inside a belly like in this don't count as an extra character. :D (Highly-complex subject matter may also incur additional cost.)

We also do single-character head/bust portraits for $4 USD. ^.^

For more information, please see this journal: