A Gryphmeleon's Sunny-Side Scarfings - by CongruentPartisan by Charem

A Gryphmeleon's Sunny-Side Scarfings - by CongruentPartisan


15 April 2017 at 14:26:17 MDT

...Trying out a new body isn't exactly an effortless event. A big change, like turning from a lizzy to a birdy, uses a lot of energy...and can make said resulting birdy QUITE hungry...

This being the first time I've ever been an avian, I immediately pondered about the consumption of a...particular food. Something perfectly normal to eat for most creatures under most circumstances...but what about eating them as a birdie? Eggs, of course, were the subject of my mind, and belly for that matter. I had quite a good amount of your normal, run-of-the-mill chicken eggs on hand (or on talon?), and still being half-fire-creature, I had no trouble cooking up every one of them to a sizzling sunny-side-up state!

But a gryphon eating bird eggs? There definitely was some irony there. But it was very delicious irony, at that. My drooling beak snapped up egg after egg greedily, collecting a bunch of the slippery yolks and whites in my crop before gulping them down in a mighty swallow...and then going after another mound of eggy goodness, of course!

I certainly had made enough eggs to regain my energy...plus a...LOT more than that. I didn't even notice how much I'd overindulged on my meal until I noticed the plates on the ground were getting much further away...and realized that was because my huge, blubbery, egg-stuffed belly was lifting me up! Whoopsie!

But I guess a gryphon SHOULD be full of eggs, hmm? :>

Another awesome drawing by   CongruentPartisan of my Gryphmeleon form, this is. <3 This one he colored himself, and it's just as cute as the last...plus a lot more, of course. ;D Extra weight means all that birdy-cuteness gets spread across a larger area, after all! <3

As I said on my last submission, hopefully expect more of this form to show up eventually in the future. n..n That is, if he gets enough positive reception from you guys~

(Also...Happy Birthday to me. |D For my time zone (Central Standard Time), at least, I just turned 25, 6 minutes ago. Whee!)