Making Room for Dessert: Part 6 - by CongruentPartisan by Charem

Making Room for Dessert: Part 6 - by CongruentPartisan


15 April 2017 at 14:18:36 MDT

The Umbreon's giant gut soon proved too large to drag along any further. In fact, his feet were soon robbed any traction at all. The pudding swirling around in his bloated body had caused his belly to well outgrow the height of his legs, leaving him trapped atop his own soft weight.

But...even as I had tried so earnestly to relax him, even putting the effort to lift my own growing form up to lean into his chubbiness and give him the best tummy-rub I could muster... Shame had still reached his target.

The Umbreon hoisted his plump forelegs around the switch, using the last of his energy to...pull! More from the great weight the fatty Umbreon sported, rather than any true muscle the pleasure-melting Dark-type could muster, the big lever complied to his demands, smoothly slipping into the 'Off' position. The whirrling machinery above and constant flow of pudding both stopped at this event, unceremoniously slowly down and ceasing much earlier than had been planned...

This is an epic 16-part commission that I commissioned   congruentpartisan to draw. =3 It took quite a while, but man did it come out awesome. This series pushed both of our boundaries when it came to fatfurs, but ultimately it was a wonderful boundary to push as well! <3 He's an amazing artist and a great friend!

Oh yes. Shame is owned by Congruent too. ;3 And is a very awesome and cute Umbreon~

I'm posting the first 'part' of this comic, pages 1 - 9, today. Pages 10 - 16 will come a bit later. ^^ Do pay attention to the 'UI' present in the first part of this comic, in the upper corners; they're quite fun little 'progress guides', ehehehe!