Stuffed: Part 6 - by cRAWRamel by Charem

Stuffed: Part 6 - by cRAWRamel


15 April 2017 at 14:12:51 MDT

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Moments before drawing Stoormor into its smooth inner-fabrics...the Charmeleon plush hesitated. Was eating its owner really okay to do?...

But the dragon, dearly loving his little Charmeleon plush as much as he had, even now that it wasn't so 'little' anymore, was all for the idea. Seeing his Poke'doll so happy and well-fed made him happy as well! He assured his cottony friend this quite resolutely, even reaching into the plush folds of the plushie's throat himself.

The Charem doll didn't need any more convincing than that.

Once again the plushie's strange 'muscles' worked hard, pulling down this living meal even faster and more passionately than the last, even though Stoormor was much larger than Marc! Speaking of, the Totodile had finally collected himself as he felt motion about him, and was certainly surprised as his draconic friend soon tumbled into his lap from above!

Stoormor could tell that his Totodile friend was confused, maybe even scared, of their situation, but the cheery dragon was quick to calm him. The Charmeleon's belly was, after all, softer then any bed they'd ever laid in, and they both needed a lot more sleep. Happily the two snuggled up together in there, dozing off quite easily in the Charem-plush's warm interior...

Hearing them snoring away within his belly, and feeling quite full now, the doll now felt like following suit with this strange thing called 'sleep'. After moving to the more-roomy living room, it softly flumphed down onto the padded carpet, 'closing' its button eyes as it dozed off as well...

But as the trio rested so peacefully, the plushie's belly began to rumble and shift...

This is a very adorable comic series created by   cRAWRamel. ^^ It stars me,   evilscotsmanera1991/Stoormor (who also was the kind person to purchase this commission for all of us!), and   shinytotodude/Marc. <3

I've been a plushie before, but this comic really tosses a lot of cute ideas into the mix n..n Including perhaps my favorite form of 'digestion', where it's harmless and yet does still have an effect. <:3