Stuffed: Part 5 - by cRAWRamel by Charem

Stuffed: Part 5 - by cRAWRamel


15 April 2017 at 14:12:41 MDT

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The Charem plush stood there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the heavier, more lively meal it had just consumed. Distracted, it didn't notice that Stoormor had sat up in bed by now, the dragon entirely witness to Marc's devouring. Only when the dragon spoke did the Charmeleon notice, surprise obvious even through its button eyes as its owner stood and walked up to it...

The doll was sure that his owner would be mad... But instead, the dragon drew close to it, giving its plush, slightly-wriggling belly a big hug.

Stoormor's lack of fear, in addition to his suggestive words, made Charem feel...quite hungry again. Softly, the animate doll reached under the dragon, lifting him up into its arms with ease, and looming its cottony mouth over its owner...

This is a very adorable comic series created by   cRAWRamel. ^^ It stars me,   evilscotsmanera1991/Stoormor (who also was the kind person to purchase this commission for all of us!), and   shinytotodude/Marc. <3

I've been a plushie before, but this comic really tosses a lot of cute ideas into the mix n..n Including perhaps my favorite form of 'digestion', where it's harmless and yet does still have an effect. <:3