Stuffed: Part 1 - by cRAWRamel by Charem

Stuffed: Part 1 - by cRAWRamel


15 April 2017 at 14:11:58 MDT

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Stoormor the dragon and Marc the Totodile decided to have a party one day. Since they both loved stuffed animals as much as they did, they decided to make it a plushie party! Stoormor was happy to invite the Totodile to his place for the party, as well as to have a nice sleepover with his water-type friend.

Marc was eager to bring his big collection of plushies to share with Stoormor, especially since the dragon had but one plushie of his own: a cute little Charmeleon doll named Charem, which he treasured greatly.

After some time, Stoormor had a fanciful thought...a simple wish. And you know, sometimes, wishes can come true...

This is a very adorable comic series created by   cRAWRamel. ^^ It stars me,   evilscotsmanera1991/Stoormor (who also was the kind person to purchase this commission for all of us!), and   shinytotodude/Marc. <3

I've been a plushie before, but this comic really tosses a lot of cute ideas into the mix n..n Including perhaps my favorite form of 'digestion', where it's harmless and yet does still have an effect. <:3