Charem Eats the Bacon! - by Dreiker by Charem

Charem Eats the Bacon! - by Dreiker


15 April 2017 at 14:09:36 MDT

Some people say they won't anything that has a face, but for a voracious lizard like me, I'm rather unfazed by that. Even when it comes to foods that normally SHOULDN'T have a face, but do. :P

Anthropomorphic bacon tastes just as good as normal bacon, so if you'll excuse me I'm just gonna nomnomnum this all up right now. <3 While being adorable, of course.

  Dreiker, a quite talented artist, was streaming one time and I came by to visit it. He was happy to see me and we hung out for a bit. Then, I believe, I had to step away for a bit to get some bacon. This event kind of inspired the dear dragon, who then drew this amazingly-kawaii sketch of me and some hapless bacon. <3 Hee!