Information Traders...Are Scary... - by Emusal by Charem

Information Traders...Are Scary... - by Emusal


15 April 2017 at 14:04:33 MDT

I guess this teaches me a bit of a lesson... Don't talk to information traders unless you intend to trade something. Because no matter what you need to know, you're getting information from them, and that'll cost you... o_O

Hey, I didn't know! I'm not trying out on a bill or anything! I just didn't know! ^^; I-if you'll excuse me...

  emusal/Reed drew this up on his Ask Team Somnus Tumblr in response to a question I had for his Drowzee character here, Soren. Soren, as well as Val the Hoppip, are his two characters he has for the PMD-Explorers group over on DeviantArt. :3

For the uninformed, PMD Explorers is basically a big creatively-based game where participants have a team of Pokemon and undertake missions in a PMD format, which they complete by either drawing comics about what their characters do for the mission or writing a story about it, depending on what you sign up for. It's pretty cool, I suppose. Not quite my cup of the tea due to the amount of effort one must put into staying on top the group, but Reed has really grown to love it, so there you go. :3

If you're interested in seeing more of Reed's PMD-E stuff, go take a look over here:

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