LB WIP #1 - Crisp the Snazzy Gecko - by LustBubbles by Charem

LB WIP #1 - Crisp the Snazzy Gecko - by LustBubbles


15 April 2017 at 13:56:25 MDT

(This description is written by my character Crisp the Gecko! This was originally posted on an alt FA account just for him, but I'm duping it here along with everything else.)

As promised, here is the first of two WIPs I've so far gotten from   LustBubbles, who is working very hard in creating an accurate reference for myself.

This picture captures me quite well, especially for a first WIP! I display a sense of casualness in my position, but also an air of intelligence. My clothes are quite accurate also; this is my normal attire for a standard day. (Gym shorts, t-shirt, light jacket.)

The inaccuracy in this drawing is that I am, admittedly, much fatter than this. Oh, my weight is offset by additional muscle as well, giving me an altogether stocky and strong build.

LustBubbles did a wonderful job with this nonetheless, and for now I shall make this my featured submission. :) Thank you again LB; I can't wait for the next version!

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