[V-Day] The Hottest of Kisses Part 1 - by Karserus & Mist by Charem

[V-Day] The Hottest of Kisses Part 1 - by Karserus & Mist


15 April 2017 at 13:51:48 MDT

As much fun as many sexual and voracious acts can be, sometimes love is best displayed with something as simple as a kiss. <:3 'Vanilla' enough to be even socially acceptable out in public, a kiss still holds much passion and meaning behind it...

Guan, in his more Zardic form, loved to play with his fire. It was stronger and hotter than my own, he being a much more powerful creature than me, and he seemed to delight in showing it off when he was around me. I didn't mind - it was quite pretty to see, after all. <3

But I never expected what he would be do after asking me for an innocent kiss. It started off as a hot-breathed Char-kiss, but he held me close after that...keeping our lips securely locked. And then...the fire came.

Slowly, but determinedly, the bigger Char poofed blast after blast of fire down my throat. I was quite weirded out by the sensation -- I was used to fire going OUT my mouth, after all -- but simply swallowed the hot flames downward.

I studied Guan's expression for a meaning behind this, but saw only a sly mischief in his eyes. After a bit of time though, my eyes lowered down. I only now noticed...my belly was starting to bloat and glow from the fire condensing into it!

This was the first of two drawings that   Karserus drew for me and my Master   Guan, and that   jumpman92029/Mist colored for us. ^^

Guan is the love of my life...so it seemed more than appropriate to post this on FA on this very special day of Valentine's. n..n Guan is also visiting me this week, and we have been very happy to spend time with one another.