The Most-Direct Route Will Do - by kitsunechao by Charem

The Most-Direct Route Will Do - by kitsunechao


15 April 2017 at 13:41:27 MDT

One thing about being a Pokemon with rather-odd abilities like that I often find myself with rather-odd Pokefriends as well... :P

Some of you may know of Mizuko the Vaporeon from other pictures I've gotten of him. He is a very ordinary Vaporeon in most respects, physically looking much like any other of his kind. In a technical sense, he possesses the same abilities as his kind usually possess, as well. However, one of those abilities - the ability to melt into water - is something he's found many unintended uses for.

While most Vappys melt into water to hide or perform a sneak attack, the hungry Mizuko finds it a very convenient way to move a prey to his belly in the quickest way possible: he simply melts the front of his gut, submerges the prey through the watery surface, and re-solidifies himself. With enough practice, the water-type discovered he could reform his melted portions into temporary semi-solid tendrils as well, quite simply manipulating them to ensnare and pull his meals into his drink of a belly.

It seems he had this fate planned for me one day. I didn't resist, however; Mizuko didn't hurt his friends, after all. And even for a firelizard like myself, the experience of sinking into his liquidy portions was always unique and interesting enough to make it worth the while... <3

This fun image was drawn by   kitsunechao, who took a liking to Mizzy a while back. n..n I do love my Vappy, though I don't get tons of art of him. There's other Vaporeons around the fandom who can do this sort of vore too, but Mizuko's the one who 'invented' the idea, far as I can tell. <3 He'd certainly be able to show those copy-cats some other tricks they'd never even thought of before... ;3