The Taste of Revenge - by SlimeDragon1995 by Charem

The Taste of Revenge - by SlimeDragon1995


15 April 2017 at 13:24:26 MDT

It is wise for a vorephile to keep in mind who they've eaten... Especially if any of your meals have special properties about them!

Drax was quite a delicious fellow in his Lugia form, but I was too quick to forget that he was, quite often, a gooey sort of creature. Even his Lugia self was made of rubber...though that was hardly his most dangerous form. No...that honor was easily held by Betodrax...

Betos...they're essentially Muk-hybrids, they are. Not a species of their own, a beto essentially turns other creatures into beto versions of themselves. The fate befell dear old Drax as well a while back, giving him such sludgy and dangerous properties as well.

I didn't even notice that Betodrax had been spying on me for a good while, just waiting for the right moment to surprise me... Soon, the purply goo-dragon slithered behind me, his ooze collecting around my feet. I did notice this, and it caused me to turn around with a start! Seeing the yellow eyes and grin of Betodrax caused me to gasp, and I attempted to step away.

Shame that goo around me had already stuck fast. My stuck feet were immediately tripped up, causing me to trip! My butt landed smooshily on the purple puddle of slime pooling more and more around me, Betodrax only half-solid as he melted into more and more of a trap, the Muk-y liquid beginning to climb up my body!

Betodrax would have his revenge for my eating him before...! O_O

Whee! <3 I like this one. It was drawn by   slimedragon1995, aka Drax. Him and ShinyTotodude had been plotting my 'beto-ification' for a long while, and finally, this picture was spawned by it. XD Consider it pre-vore and/or pre-goo-TF, before I become a Betocharem!

Incidentally, this isn't the first time I've been Muk-ified. See this and this.

However, I was a 'Charemuk' in those pictures; in this one, I'm specifically about to become a Betocharem. What's the difference, you may ask? Well, Beto-creatures are basically Muk-ified versions of their former selves, which always have the striking yellow eyes you see Betodrax with here. Betos were a concept created by and drawn quite a bit by   aji, so they're kind of a thing. :3

Charemuk, on the other hand?... Well, you'll notice in the aforementioned two pictures that I kept my blue eyes. It's a minor detail, but it's why those pics aren't me as a Beto...because Betos ALWAYS have yellow eyes. :P So, this particular submission would be my first Beto-ification.