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Droop - by imperfectflame & Me by Charem

Droop - by imperfectflame & Me


It seemed appropriate to post this up, since it rather relates to the journal I posted last night. (

I've been rather depressed for too long. It's due to many factors. Including friendship troubles (some that I sadly caused), loneliness from being apart from Guan and other loved ones, RL stresses within the environment I live in...just to name a few. The depression's length and duration is surprising; I'm not unfamiliar with feeling depressed, but usually it wears off after a day or two.'s been sticking to me, being unshakable - at least not for more than a couple hours.

  imperfectflame randomly drew this is in one of his streams I popped into not too long ago. People asked how I was doing, and I mentioned how I've been feeling rather sad. Flame then proceeded to doodle this up without a word. It's quite sad, contemplative, and cute all at once...and I think it encapsulates how I feel quite well. Flame's always been good at sensing my emotions like this.

So, I colored it up. To give it a bit more atmosphere, make the rain stand out better. I actually like rain a lot; it's kind of dreary sue, but it's also kind of calming and soothing. I grew up in the very rainy state of Oregon, so that might have something to do with my fondness of it.

Thanks again, Flame; art like this helps me think. I'll work through this rainstorm eventually.

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