[ANIMATION] Full Bellies Make For Happy Trots - by Reed & Me by Charem

[ANIMATION] Full Bellies Make For Happy Trots - by Reed & Me


15 April 2017 at 13:12:51 MDT

Ba-bounce, ba-bounce! You could always tell when Charem the Charmeleon had found a tasty snack for himself. His belly always bulged out after such a meal, the heavy gut quite weighted and wriggly with the creatures he would consume live.

This hardly seemed to weigh down the firelizard, though. In truth, he only seemed to gain MORE of a bounce to his step when his stomach was sated, supporting his meal's bulk with a wide and proud grin. Even as the belly swayed to and fro and back and forth from his pace, the fire-type didn't slow. The weight and swing...heck, he couldn't be more happy than to feel his distended belly rock about! <3

Purrrrrowrl. n..n This was an animation made by the very talented   emusal/Reed waaaay back 10 months ago for me. It was always planned that I'd color it, but I really underestimated the sheer amount of work it takes to color an animation...and I ended up procrastinating on it for the longest time. ^..^; Not to mention I had to devise a tailflame on my own...and animating that was tricky to figure out... But, I finally buckled down and got to work!

Though what I did here with the fire was sort of me finding an easy loophole...I'm still very happy with how this all turned out. <3 It's just such a delicious animation!

A bit of thanks to   jumpman92029/Mist as well for helping me start the coloring project. =3 I ended up recoloring completely over Mist's work with my own as I got the hang of what I should do with the animation, but his work was quite helpful in getting me to find my rhythm!